Tuition Fees

What tuition fees does FEE-HELP and VET STUDENT LOANS cover?

Eligible students studying Associate Degrees or Bachelor courses can borrow up to the FEE-HELP limit to pay their tuition fees for courses. For students studying VET Diplomas the maximum VET Student Loan amount for SAE courses is $10,000. Please review the SAE fee schedules below for more information regarding tuition fees. It is also recommended that all students review the SAE tuition fees policy and procedures, which includes the SAE withdrawal policy.

All fees listed are indicative of maximum price and subject to annual increases.

An indicative maximum fee is a guide as to what the actual tuition fee will be. The actual tuition fee is not calculated until enrolment is completed.


Please refer to the following documents for more information on SAE course fees:


2017 Master Domestic Fee Schedule


2017 HE Students Domestic Fee Schedule

2017 Associate Degree Domestic Fee Schedule

2017 HE Diploma Domestic Fee Schedule


2017 VET Commencing Students Adelaide Domestic Fee Schedule

2017 VET Continuing Students  Domestic Fee Schedule

2017 VET Commencing Students  Domestic Fee Schedule


2017 VET Students International Fee Schedule

2017 VET Students International Continuing Fee Schedule

2017 HE Students International Fee Schedule

2017 Associate Degree International Fee Schedule

2017 HE Diploma International Fee Schedule

A copy of the Fee Schedule for past years can be obtained by contacting your campus. Please click through to identify your campus and appropriate telephone number.

Additional Administration Fees

Please follow this link to download a list of Additional Administration Fees. These fees are only incurred when there is a request to replace a testamur, academic transcript or student ID. 

Statement of Tuition Assurance

Please follow these links to download our Statement of Tuition Assurance for Higher Education Courses and VET Courses: