Student gains confidence through determination and creativity in games

Ava Kim is a Games graduate and self-proclaimed introvert. She joined us to chat about how she developed her confidence and as a game developer at SAE.
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Ava completed the Bachelor of Games Development at SAE Brisbane and states the experience of study provided her with the ability to crystalize her ideas. When approaching her work, she was driven to impress her peers and lecturers with her creativity.

Read more about Ava… she is #saecrew.

– student edition –

NAME: Ava Kim
CAMPUS: SAE Brisbane
DISCIPLINE: Bachelor of Games Development (Games Design)


What did you most enjoy about studying at SAE?

I was constantly challenged to ask questions about myself: what do I want to do with my life as a game developer? what do I want to achieve through making games, and what messages do I want to deliver to my audience?

Through these reflections, I was able to solidify my goals, personality, and improvements to make.

What is the best thing you got out of studying?

I gained confidence in my ability to crystalize my ideas. I can now develop any games or apps I want, and I get really amused when sharing the process from design to the final product with others.

Have you studied previously?

I studied at TAFE and earned Certificate III in Screen and Media, which was sort of relevant with game animation and 3D modelling.

Who inspires you?

I get inspiration from Nicky Case, Angela He, Billie Eilish, and lots of artists on Twitter.

Angela He on YouTube
What was campus life like at SAE?

Honestly, I was too shy to make friends at first because I was self-conscious about being the only female, Asian, and non-native English speaker in the entire classroom. But as time goes by, I realized that people at SAE value diversity. Lots of students and staff I met at SAE strived to fight against inequality and emphasized the importance of taking good care of mental health. That was why I was able to open up to them eventually and make valuable memories with friends.

What did you enjoy most about Games?

In every assessment, we were always given a limited timeframe to create a new game from scratch and bring it to completion (From 1 week to 3 months at best). Oftentimes, I found myself being fully indulged in developing games, while days passed by in the blink of an eye. I always wanted to impress my peers and lecturers with something I create.

Check out the Floating Floss game at the link:

Floating Floss
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