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30 Jan 2019

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Summer Series

30 Jan 2019

“I was really impressed, 3 days almost wasn’t long enough. It's definitely reaffirmed its something I want to do as a career”

Summer Series events have just wrapped up around the country. The annual 3 day workshop event is a great way to discover more about your area of interest and learn some new skills along the way. Over the 3 days, attendees worked on an original creative project, or got a helping hand to develop one they had already started. 

With all levels of knowledge and ability welcome, the Summer Series sessions are the perfect opportunity to experience life as an SAE student and discover what it's like to learn from our lecturers, in our state-­of­-the-­art studios, working on tertiary level content.

SS Melbourne

 Julian took part in the Audio program, and got experience in the studio working with live musicians. 

I do my own recording at home but it’s pretty different being in an acoustically treated studio, with other people around and collaborating. It’s a much better experience than doing it on your own.”

SS Audio

Jess jumped in with the design crew and learnt new skills creating a 3D logo on Maya. 

Learning on new software was a really great experience, I haven’t really had access to anything like that before.” 

SS design

 Christopher participated in the Games workshop and got to create live worlds within the HTC vive VR headset.. 

I would definitely recommend Summer series, all my buddies like games as well and they could learn a lot.

 SS Games

Summer Series will be back in 2020, please check the SAE events page for more information, or follow us on Facebook for updates. 

You can join us for the next Summer Series and expand your knowledge and skills in the following disciplines:

Animation: Learn skills in traditional 2D animation, 3D modelling and visual effects.

Audio: Learn skills in studio production, electronic music production and live sound.

Design: Learn skills in graphic design for print media, and digital design for web and mobile devices.

Film: Learn skills in film pre-production, production and post-production techniques.

Games: Learn skills in games design and games programming.

 You can also learn new skills at our Study for a Day event taking place nationwide in June. 

The Study for a Day workshops is where attendees can get a taster experience of what life and study at SAE is like. 

Please follow the events page on the SAE website or our Facebook page for more information.  

SS Film