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22 Oct 2018

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22 Oct 2018

Study For A Day events have just wrapped up across SAE campuses nationally. The Study for a Day experience gives attendees a glimpse into student life at our campuses while learning from industry experts in their chosen creative sphere.



Working on campus and in real classrooms, the participants got hands-on training while being taught coursework straight from our Bachelor programs. Our academic staff curated the specialised and intensive projects that were tailored to both novices and those who had a bit more experience.

“Teachers here are so cool, not like the boring teachers at school”

Workshops were run across all the creative disciplines that SAE offers.


Audio students got the choice of music or studio production. Studio production sessions got hands-on with our  state-of-the-art consoles and recorded some live music in the studios. They also learnt the principles of music production software, studio signal flow, microphone techniques, and other audio elements including post-production and mixing techniques.

“It was really cool, I’m in awe of the audio console, I’ve never worked on something that size before”

For those interested in music production, they created a track using Ableton and other music production software, sequencing, synthesis and mixing, as well as other electronic techniques such as sound design.




The Animation workshop introduced participants to the principles of Animation, including both 2D and 3D Animation software, character animation, game art, 3D modelling and rigging, and visual effects. Using these skills, the participants created a moving character.

“With guidance we were free to create what we wanted”


Film students filmed a live scene with actors and each participant took on the role of a film crew member. The shoot included screenwriting and storyboarding, camera operation, technical production on set, lighting and sound, editing and after filming wrapped, students learnt post production techniques using Premiere Pro.




Design students had the opportunity to work on a branding logo using Adobe design and Illustrator software, layout and typography concepts, photography and photo manipulation.

“The session was so informative, and it was so cool to see the campus”


The gamers were introduced to the principles of games development, including games software, programming languages, games design principles and psychology, prototyping, and will cover both analog and digital games concepts. Using these techniques, they created a playable level of an online game.

“I learnt so much in just one day!”


After finishing their projects for the day, all participants got to take the working digital files of what they had created, to continue to work from home or to use as a future learning reference.

“My class my so interactive and hands on, we really got to use the equipment”

These introductory workshops are an amazing way to experiment within creative media and gives the Study For A Day students insight and clarity into which direction they’d like to take their career.

“Today has definitely influenced my decision to make audio my career, and to study in the future”