Scholarship Recipient Embarks On Most Ambitious Project Yet

7 Sep 2018




Scholarship Recipient Embarks On Most Ambitious Project Yet

7 Sep 2018

Bronwyn Harrison is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter. Performing under the moniker Harrison the Artist, Bronwyn also owns her own company in music tuition, sharing with others the joy in making and playing music. In 2018 she was the recipient of the Creative Masters scholarship. 

Why did you choose do a Masters degree with SAE?

I was encouraged to apply for the scholarship after completing my first course which was a Diploma of Music Industry at SAE, Byron Bay. After a lengthy and involved application, I received the call from Dr. Jens Schroeder offering me the scholarship for the Masters.

What does receiving the Masters of Creative Industries scholarship mean to you?

When I received the scholarship, the overarching feeling was that all the blood, sweat and tears of working on my art had been recognised by one of the leading creative institutes in the world. Now that I am learning, it means I can expand my knowledge and creative practice and apply new and more evolved ways of being creative. Creativity is the new black and I like being at the forefront of creativity discourse and research.

What projects have you been working on during your postgraduate studies?

Many. There are lots, though probably the most prolific project I have worked on can be found here:

I am sourcing authentic sounds from different regions in the world to use them in composition. It’s fun, expensive and expansive. I get to meet and work with a variety of cultures and learn about recording, all over the world. Before I started the scholarship I had already recorded at Sony, in Tokyo and New Delhi, India. Now I have started with SAE this has opened up doors to their global network of studios. I was in Brussels last month and will be in New York in a couple of weeks.

You visited the SAE Campus in Brussels recently, could you please tell us about your experience?

Yes. I popped into the facilities and had a tour of the studios. One of the songs I am working on for the project is recorded in Belgium. I plan to return and utilise the studios to finalise the project. The Brussels team offered me the use of microphones and equipment and invited me to be in touch for future collaborations. It was great to check it out.

What advice do you have for others looking to commence postgraduate study?

Advice. Hmmm. I’ll give you three pearls of wisdom:

1. Attitude. If you approach study like it’s just another thing on your to-do list, it will be exactly that. If you approach your study like you are invested in your learning, understand that tertiary education is a privilege not afforded to many and learn to love the learning, your experience will be a positive one.

2. Boundaries. This is one I probably struggle with the most. Back when I recorded my album, I dedicated one day per week for one year to complete it. AND IT WORKED. I went to the studio, locked myself in there with my producer and co-producer and got stuff done. Creating unequivocal “creative time” and not allowing the distractions of everyday life to creep in is essential to creative success. All the greats did it: Tesla, Hemingway, Angelou. They all dedicated time, day in, day out, for their work. Creating a day (or a time of day everyday) purely to dedicate to your art will do wonders.

3. Connect.... because the study is completed online, reach out. It’s that simple. You need to put your big girl / big boy pants on and sort out your self discipline. If you don’t have it, you will sink. If you don’t actively connect with your lectures and fellow students it can make the experience a solitary one. It’s really nice being around intelligent, creative and successful mentors. Use them. Reach out. Connect.



Main Image: Bronwyn Harrison by Tanya Zouev Photography


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