28 Nov 2018





28 Nov 2018

Unified World Music Brisbane (UWMB), in partnership with SAE Creative Media Institute, are creating an album featuring four Brisbane based world music artists. UWMB is the brainchild of the students and the collaboration forms part of the interdisciplinary Major project for five SAE Film and Audio students who are working together on the multifaceted campaign.

The album is accompanied by a mini-documentary series on the featured artists background, culture, influences and stories.

The pinnacle of the project will be a live performance and exhibition presented by Brisbane Ethnic Music and Arts Centre (BEMAC) 


The exhibition night is described as: ‘A night to come together and celebrate the cultural diversity of music that Brisbane has to offer. The Unified World Music Brisbane Exhibition will feature performances from a diverse list of talented Brisbane World Music artists, viewings of exclusive documentary episodes following the creation and journey of the UWMB Project and Q&A’s with the creatives involved.’

We chat to Project lead and Audio producer, Morgan Palmer on the lead up to the exhibition.

Could you explain in your own words what the project is?
The Unified World Music Brisbane project was created as a means of shining a light on the local World Music of Brisbane as we feel that the rich culture of these artists is currently being under-represented and under-appreciated in a media landscape that is flooded by popular culture and mainstream music. We wish to open more doors for artists in this category, as well as create potential opportunity for more enthusiasm towards culturally themed celebrations in Brisbane in the near future. We have decided to use our respective abilities to create a body of work that will include a compilation album of local artists and an accompanying episodic documentary in an attempt to highlight these artists, their work, and culture.

How do you feel about this project?
I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this project. Since its inception our group has received nothing but praise from our peers and the organisations we've teamed up with, including BEMAC (Brisbane Multicultural Centre) and SAE, to make this project as great as possible. To have this recognition surrounding our final uni project has made the process feel just that bit sweeter, and in return it's pushing everyone involved to give it their all and come out the other end with a product we can all really be proud of.

What's been the biggest challenge so far?
The biggest challenge has been getting the project off the ground and finding the right avenues and networks that we needed to begin production. It was easy enough for us coming up with the idea and the vision behind the project, but considering how big this project has turned out to be, it was certainly stress inducing having to get out there and then source the artists and sponsorship. The pre-production phase has been a big learning curve, considering the size of this project is a first for all of us, but now that we're into production we feel we've already grown a bit further within our own disciplines from the process.

What's been your favourite part of the project so far?
The time we spent interviewing each of the artists we're currently working with on the project has been my favourite part. Actually meeting an incredibly diverse group of people, each of them with their own rich backstory of their lives and their journeys within music, has been one of the most rewarding factors so far. For most of us this is our first dip into working with music derived from other cultures and that itself has been eye opening and really exciting to research and just listen to. With such a diverse list of artists to work with I don't think the excitement will go away anytime soon.

How will this project help you go from study into your career?
I feel as though when we do complete the project, the final product will bring about exposure, not only for the artists involved but also the crew behind it. Since we started this project, our personal goal has been to produce something that we not only will be truly proud of, but to have a piece of media that will showcase each crew member's talents within their respective disciplines. Networking has been a major factor for this project so far, and going out into the industry with the skills we will have gained from this experience will no doubt give each of us a head start out in the professional world.

The Unified World Music Brisbane Exhibition was held on Wednesday 28th November 2018.

The accompanying album will be released late 2018.