SAE staff and students team up on Australia’s first adult cartoon sketch show


7 Jun 2016




SAE staff and students team up on Australia’s first adult cartoon sketch show

7 Jun 2016

SAE Institute animation lecturer, Mark Sheard, worked as the Animation Director on Australia's first adult cartoon sketch show, Suspect Moustache which went to air on SBS2 on Monday, 30 May.

With his minimalist retro cartoon approach, heavily accented on texture to contract character design, Mark ensured the production stood out in a very crowded market.

Each skit was given it own unique colour palette to reflect the fast-paced nature of the skit show.

"All the textures I hand painted with watercolours and scanned at an excessively high resolution to allow for close ups. I didn't want at any moment the textures to pixelate, so it was something I had to keep a keen eye on."

"The sketches, originally brilliant scripts, have come off better than we could have imagined and we're sure audiences will love that this a bit of a game changer in the world of Australian sketch comedy that is doing things that never could have been done outside of animation."

SAE graduates Emily Gettinby, Bridget Harvey and Lukas Xuereb were also involved on the project as part of their Bachelor of Animation program, earning their first screen credits while studying at SAE Melbourne.

Produced by Viskatoons in Melbourne, and with funding from SBS and Film Victoria, show creator Fabian Lapham describes the series as a fast-paced and eclectic comedy filled with stunning animation and versatile voice-acting from some of Australia's hottest up-and-coming comedians.

The series is available on SBS On Demand and launches on YouTube on June 30.