SAE Brisbane partners with QMusic and Studios 301


13 Jun 2014

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SAE Brisbane partners with QMusic and Studios 301

13 Jun 2014

SAE Brisbane recently partnered with QMusic and Studios 301 to present a free workshop to music industry professionals and budding producers in Brisbane.

The workshop, titled ‘The Business of Making A Record’, formed part of the QMusic Metro workshop series, and featured SAE Brisbane’s Department Coordinator of Audio, Dylan Crawfoot, as panelist. 

Also on the panel were Leon Zervos (Senior Mastering Engineer, Studios 301), John Mullen (A&R, Dew Process Records), and Magoo (Record Producer), chaired by Stacey Coleman (QMusic).

With over 300 registrations, the organisers were forced to change to a larger venue, reinforcing the strength of the local industry. The panel discussed topics such as the current state of the recording industry, the home recording phenomenon, analog versus digital recording, and well as giving their advice on how to get noticed, or how to achieve success in their areas of expertise.

With some amazing successes between them, the audience gained valuable anecdotes from each panel member, including stories of infamous recording sessions or artists who have broken the mould.

Dylan gave his thoughts on the changes in Audio education, “music has become a much more accessible artform than decades ago, with the availability and affordability of home recording technology, and the access to greater audiences via the internet. Recording used to be something available to only a select few who could afford the gear, but now students can see more possibilities than ever before.”

To find out more about QMusic, visit their website.

To find out more about Studios 301, visit them here.

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