SAE Awards at Flickerfest and Byron All Shorts

28 Jan 2015

SAE Flickerfest



SAE Awards at Flickerfest and Byron All Shorts

28 Jan 2015

The 24th annual FLICKERFEST International and Australian awards and the FLiCKERUP award winners were announced last week. With two SAE Creative Media Institute awards offered under the International and FLiCKERUP sections, we have been very excited in the lead-up to the announcement.

Attended by celebrated guests from the Australian and International film industry, the Closing Night ceremony honoured the esteemed entrants in this year’s competition.

Following the ceremony, a selection of award-winning films were screened before the Closing Night Party took place.

It is with great pleasure that we are able to share the winners of the SAE Creative Media awards with you.

SAE Creative Media Institute Award for Best Use of Digital Technology in a Short Film:

Wri/Dir: Daisy Jacobs

SAE Institute FlickerUp Award for Best High School Production:

Dir: Olivia Eastwood

Further to the exciting FLiCKERFEST award winners, we are excited to have been in attendance at the 10th Annual Byron Bay All Shorts over the weekend, with another SAE Award winner being announced.

With the screening of 19 films made by Northern Rivers filmmakers, the SAE Creative Media Award for Emerging Filmmaker went to local, Megan Donnolly who graduated from Mulllum High School last year. 

If you're interested in learning more about filmmaking, don't miss our exclusive Film Masterclasses happening all over the country lead by FLiCKERFEST Director, Bronwyn Kidd.