Nada Katana releases new single Feel

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19 Jul 2019




Nada Katana releases new single Feel

19 Jul 2019

EGM Records competition winner from 2018 Nada Katana second single Feel will be released on the 2nd of August, but for those who just can’t wait, Feel is available for pre-order today!!

We managed to get 5 mins with Nada Katana in between busy studio sessions

Could you please tell us the inspiration behind your new single 'Feel’?

The inspiration for this track came from when I first started discovering and delving into electronic synths, drum machines etc, and realising I could produce/record my own music. 

This track was actually the first song I’d ever written/produced/recorded and performed all the instrumentation parts myself. So after years of writing on guitar and voice at home alone or in rehearsals with the band, to then taking it into the studio for recording. Meant I never really had a clear vision and understanding of how the recorded versions of my tunes would sound. 

Doing it the complete opposite way, e.g. recording/producing at the same time as writing the tunes, means I can get so much closer to what I’m imagining in my mind at the time. This has been the biggest inspiration ever!!

How does it differ from your first single 'Ghost Town’?

Feel is much more electronic based tune with more synths and sample based drums, vs Ghost Towns more authentic sound with electric guitar, bass and acoustic instruments. 

It also comes from a happier place bringing more of a good feels vibe.

What have you been up to since being announced as the EGM records comp winner?

I moved my recording studio from the quiet and cold place of Hobart, to the bustling business city of Sydney. I set up in a warehouse that smelt of spray paint and cigarettes and resided there for a few months.

Chasing a more creative environment and a place to call home, I moved on back to my second home town Mullumbimby (Byron Bay), where I’ve had my head down in the studio preparing for what's to come ever since.

Any plans for an album and/or live shows in the near future?

I don’t wanna spoil too much. But I can say I’m getting a live show/experience ready for the future.

Where can we listen to 'Feel’?

You can stream or buy/download the new track from all online music platforms including these links;