Meet our technical expert, Mel from SAE Brisbane


2 Aug 2021

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Meet our technical expert, Mel from SAE Brisbane

2 Aug 2021

Mel Bertram is a multi-talented audio engineer, musician with experience working in film production. If you happen to be at SAE Brisbane, you may encounter Mel, as the head of the Technical Team.

Whether it's for staff and students, Mel and the technical teams at SAE work to provide support in all aspects of hardware and software across the multi-disciplines of Animation, Audio, Design, Film, Games, Music and Technology.

Meet Our Experts
Mel Bertram

Campus: SAE Brisbane

Role: Technical coordinator


What's your background?

I'm an audio post-production specialist, working on TVC's, commercials, short and long-form films and documentaries. I also manage a production company focused on film and audio. I studied a Bachelor of Audio with SAE.

Share a hobby or a passion of yours

I am the audio engineer for the Brisbane band, The Glycereens. Their second album was released in April on 12-inch Vinyl. It's a dirty, bubblegum-garage-punk-rock album. Working on creative projects with the band is the absolute best!

Where is the first place you would visit when overseas travel resumes?

I would go straight to Canada!

Why Canada? Do you snowboard or ski?

The scenery in Canada looks amazing (plus one of my friends lives over there) and I love adventuring and hiking. I've don't know how to ski or snowboard but I would definitely give it a red hot go haha

Who do you follow on social media that brings you joy or inspires you?

@gregabandoned - It's all about really cool abandoned places around the world, great inspiration when location scouting from music videos or films!

Do you have any professional projects you are working on?

I am currently working on an ABC Documentary called "Playing It Forward".

What is your involvement with the ‘Playing it Forward’ documentary?

I'm the Production Sound Mixer and Boom Op(erator) and the documentary is about the equality difference between men and women's professional rugby league.

How would you describe your opportunities to interact and engage with students at SAE?

I engage with students on a daily basis, helping arrange equipment and locations for capstone projects, recommending equipment or production ideas.

What are some of the qualities you bring to students?

I can provide advice on everything audio; from live sound, studio recording, location sound, ADR (automated dialogue replacement), foley through to re-recording and mixing.

What do you most enjoy about your position?

Playing with all the gear, and helping to teach students how to use it.

What's your favourite piece of gear in the SAE arsenal?

My favourite piece of gear in our arsenal would be the 3Dio Binaural Microphone.

What's the most popular piece of equipment on campus - something a student has gotta book early?

The Neve Studio is our most sought after studio (at SAE Brisbane) and we constantly get requests from students to extend their booking allocations in that space.

Can you offer any advice for students seeking to gain employment or work placement opportunities?
Two things;

  1. Network - Get out there, go to networking events, meet people and build relationships.
  2. Build your portfolio - whether it's a full-blown production or a video you've downloaded and redone the sound for, you'll learn something new on every project you do and be able to show your experience to future employers.

Do you have any advice on how a student can improve their problem-solving skills?

At work, I identify the problem, brainstorm solutions, act quickly, then reflect and look for lessons learned. My advice would be, think outside the box, read regularly, train your brain and when problem-solving, remove emotions and look at the facts.

What advice do you have for new or prospective students on how they can set themselves up for success for studying at SAE?

Always carry a little notebook and a pen with you so you can write down everything important you need to remember, ideas you think of through the day, and things you need to research that come up.

Prepare yourself to become a 'sponge' while you're here - you won't regret it!


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