Meet SAE's 2019 Full Scholarship Recipient Ava Knight


1 Feb 2019




Meet SAE's 2019 Full Scholarship Recipient Ava Knight

1 Feb 2019

Ava Knight is the recipient of the 2019 Full Creative Media Scholarship. An expressive creator, Ava has an innate talent for film production and graphic design. Prior to commencing the Bachelor of film at SAE Perth next week, we spoke to Ava about passion, creativity and chasing dreams. 

What does being the recipient of the full creative media scholarship mean to you?

I was so excited to have been chosen as the recipient of the full creative media scholarship. All through secondary school I knew I wanted to become an editor in the film industry and worked really hard so I could get into SAE to do a Bachelor of Film. Getting into The Bachelor of Film course was what I wanted more than anything but to be the recipient of a full scholarship was validation for me for being focused and committed in my dream to become an editor. 

Why did you decide to apply for a scholarship with SAE? 

I decided to apply for the scholarship with SAE as I knew they were available from when I first put in my expression of interest 2 years earlier. I wanted to go to SAE and study the Bachelor of Film regardless of whether I received the scholarship or not however I thought I had nothing to lose and thought that it would be an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity, so I went for it. 

What are you looking forward to learning the most in the Bachelor of Film?

I look forward to gaining more knowledge, creativity and technique in the film course as a whole especially in the post-production editing side.

What drives you creatively?

I love the creative process behind a visual production. How you can start with just one idea and from that you can create something. 

AKnight Graphic design

What are your career aspirations?

I would like to finish my Bachelor of Film at the top of my class and when that’s completed get an internship at a production company. My end goal is to work creatively as an editor on various productions. 

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