Major Project Team Forms Indie Studio


15 May 2014

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Major Project Team Forms Indie Studio

15 May 2014

A Games Development major project team that formed at SAE Sydney in 2013 have established themselves as an indie studio.

'Pygmy Tyrant' was born when three Games Design students, David Coonan, Trent Naylor, Willis Smith, and Animation student Dhani Wong, were brought together to work on their major project. 

The team put together an excellent project titled 'Abbadon' - a 3v3 arena survival videogame. Shortly after submitting the vertical slice for their final class, Pygmy Tyrant decided it was time to take a break from 'Abbaddon' and work on something smaller. 

In just the first few months of 2014, Pygmy Tyrant has entirely designed, developed and released their game 'Meteor Mash'.

Meteor Mash is a puzzle game reminiscent of Minesweeper, with many levels in three different worlds. The game, which has received a number of positive reviews, is now available for download for Android phones and tablets from the Google Play store. 

With one complete game released a few days before their graduation, Pygmy Tyrant are well-placed to continue to produce smaller games, or to return to development on their larger and longer-term project, 'Abbaddon'.  

Pygmy Tyrant took some time out to answer a couple of questions regarding their journey: 

Q: What are your future goals as a studio?

 A: "In regards to our future, we just want to keep making games, no matter how big or small. As a studio and as game designers we know there’s still so much for us to learn. We've barely scratched the surface, but starting this endeavour has taught us heaps. So definitely in the short term, we just want to learn as much as we can and make as many games as we can".

Q: How has your studies at SAE helped you so far?

A: "The easiest thing for people in our position to do is give up at the first sign of challenge or just quit after the first failure, and we know there’s going to be a lot of failed attempts. But if you don’t fail time and time again how do you ever expect to succeed, at least once? So we're just going to keep going forward and try our hardest not to be deterred...

How we believe SAE helped us the most, however, is that we were thrown into a crowd of likeminded and equally passionate individuals. To be amongst that, that is something incredibly rare and valuable. It’s especially true in game development, with its myriad of design disciplines, that as an individual you can only go so far. You need somebody, a partner or a team to get the most out of yourself. So, while the courses and teachers were all invaluable to us, the greatest strength of SAE, we believe is the fellow students that you come to meet and learn from".

You can download Meteor Mash on Google Play from here.

You can visit the Pygmy Tyrant website here.

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