International Women's Day from SAE campuses around the world

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8 Mar 2021

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International Women's Day from SAE campuses around the world

8 Mar 2021

Today is March 8 2021 and it's International Women's Day! This a day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world.

The 'hand-up' pose represents this year's International Women's Day theme, #ChoosetoChallenge.

The images below feature faces from SAE campuses around the world - Australia to Milan, Athens to America.

We are raising our hands today, and every day, saying we are 'in' to help support the creation of an inclusive world.

How will you #ChoosetoChallenge?



Dr Lola Montgomery

Dr Lola Montgomery - SAE Australia

IWD 21 Quote Dr Lola Montgomery


Elina Kostanian

Elina Kostanian - SAE Athens

Yashimina Bara SAE Milan

Yashimina Bara - SAE Milan

Natalie Berkman

Natalie Berkman - SAE Paris

Melissa King

Melissa King - SAE Brisbane

Kera Whewell SAE Byron Bay

Kera Whewell - SAE Byron Bay

Alba Gelabert

Alba Gelabert - SAE Barcelona

Panagiota Bourbou

Panagiota Bourbou - SAE Athens

Amalia Caratsch

Amalia Caratsch - SAE Paris

Neus Flotats Rovira

Neus Flotats Rovira - SAE Barcelona

Neus Flotats Rovira


Debora Felicioli

Debora Felicioli - SAE Milan

Cristina Perales Torres

Cristina Perales Torres - SAE Madrid

Mel Bertram

Mel Bertram - SAE Brisbane

Miguel Veloso

Miguel Veloso - SAE Spain

Celine Chabane

Céline Chabane - SAE Paris

Anj Livingston

Anj Livingston - SAE Australia

Catherine McDouall

Catherine McDouall - SAE Byron Bay

Heli Puhakka

Heli Puhakka - SAE Brisbane

Ruth Hall

Ruth Hall - SAE United Kingdom

Louise Kolff

Louise Kolff - SAE Byron Bay

Jess Hughes

Jess Hughes - SAE Brisbane

IWD 21 Quote Jess Hughes


Dominique Quitoriano

Dominique Quitoriano - SAE Australia

Kenza Moussaoui

Kenza Moussaoui - SAE Paris

Awdry Herrmann

Awdry Herrmann - SAE Milan

Patrick Feagan

Patrick Feagan - SAE Brisbane

Margaux Villatel

Margaux Villatel - SAE Paris

Alba Santos

Alba Santos - SAE Madrid

Giulia Franceschini

Giulia Franceschini - SAE Milan

Rachael Shea

Rachael Shea - SAE Byron Bay

Evi Milaki

Evi Milaki - SAE Athens

Jennifer Diaz

Jennifer Diaz - SAE Brisbane

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson - SAE North America

IWD 21 Quote Sarah Johnson


Carolina Bollani

Carolina Bollani - SAE Milan

Fanny Hausherr

Fanny Hausherr - SAE Paris

Adrian Carroll

Adrian Carroll - SAE Brisbane

Sonia Maffi

Sonia Maffi - SAE Milan

#wearesaewomen #IWD2021


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