Film graduate adds facebook to list of big brand clients

Byron Bay

30 Aug 2017




Film graduate adds facebook to list of big brand clients

30 Aug 2017

Cameron Drew is a passionate video editor who loves the craft of editing that sees him work closely with directors and producers to help realise their vision. For Cameron the passion for everything related to film was ignited during his high school days where he worked at the local cinema as the in-house projectionist. The world has changed a lot since then.

In the two years since graduating from SAE Byron Bay with a Bachelor of Film, Cameron was offered an Editor role at the independent creative communications and production company, Infinity Squared. The digital savvy Sydney-based company is hell-bent on doing things differently. It engineers remarkable content for digitally-hungry world using the principals of entertainment to help brands positively contribute to popular culture. Bringing together a hybrid mix of talented creatives across strategy, production and publishing, Cameron and the team at Infinity Squared have rolled out a wide range of projects from online content and video instalments for Tourism Australia, Tooheys, James Boags and XXXX, to music videos for popular Australian artists like Emma Louise.

Most recently Cameron has been working with the big boss, Facebook, to help brands take their long form content (such as TVC’s) and re-editing and optimising these so they’re more ‘shareable’ in the online environment. 

Tourism Australia video edited by Cameron Drew, Infinity Squared

We spoke to Cameron from his Sydney-studio to find out more about his time as a student at SAE and how he made the swift transition into full-time work at one of Sydney’s hottest production companies…

What inspired you to work in the film industry?
I can’t really say it was any one thing in particular that inspired me, I’ve just always loved movies since I was a kid. As I got older I started playing around with other people’s footage I found online and started to watch videos on how to use the video effects program After Effects. I wanted to get into the visual effects side of the film industry but I quickly learned it was too difficult for me, so I went with editing.

What are your fondest memories of your time at SAE?
It would defiantly be the mates I made while studying. Unlike larger universities you get to know everyone in your degree at SAE. Everyone is always eager to lend a hand on shoots, or if your struggling they will help you out and lend a hand to make your project better. Also living on campus for a good chunk of the degree was pretty fun. I met some awesome people, worked on some killer projects and had a great time all-round.

"SAE provided me with a solid foundation in film - without it I would of had zero chance of landing this job."

What did you love most about studying at SAE?
The post production lectures for sure. I mean, I knew that’s what I wanted to do but those classes were so great, even if they were challenging! Having access to all the latest gear, especially the Fs7, RED and the edit suites was incredible. You really have everything you need at SAE to make some great looking videos. 


Can you shed some light on how studying at SAE has lead you to where you are now?
My time at SAE provided me with a solid foundation in film - without it I would of had zero chance of landing this job. It also helped me make some great connections and through these I was able to work on some projects that helped build-up my showreel.

What have been your career highlights to date?
It would have to be editing music videos for Australian artists Emma Louise and Lastlings. Music videos for me are the thing that I enjoy most about my job, it really gives me the chance to be creative and try out new things that you don’t usually get to when editing a piece for a company. A close second in my highlight’s reel would have to be editing the videos that were played on the Sydney Harbour Bridge during the new year’s eve celebrations. 

Emma Louise 'West End Kids' video edited by Cameron Drew, Infinity Squared 

What do you enjoy most about working in your industry?
Getting to work with an awesome group of people. Everyone in the industry is a good laugh, and all have this wonderful ability to tackle problems from different angles.

What projects are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I’m working on some nice stuff for AEG, I can’t give too much away but it has all been shot at 120fps+ and looks killer! It always helps when you get to edit footage that looks unreal.


What advice would you give to students aspiring to become successful their field?
Just go out and make stuff, as simple as that. By the end of the course you need to have a portfolio/reel of your work. Without this it’s going to be hard to find a job. One of the key things that helped me land a job after studies was having a website that had my work on it. The work wasn’t fantastic, but coming straight out of studying your work isn’t going be the best thing out. During the last few trimesters we had full access to all the latest high end gear, I’d strongly advise to hire it out, and go use it. Shoot whatever you can. The more work you make during the final few trimesters at SAE the better your reel will be, and more appealing you’ll be to employers.

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