Couples Therapy at Splendour in the Grass

Byron Bay

6 Aug 2019

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Couples Therapy at Splendour in the Grass

6 Aug 2019

SAE Byron Bay student April Kerry was fortunate and talented enough to perform at Splendour in her duo Couples Therapy recently! We had a chat to find out more about her experience and what she loves about studying music production. 

Thanks for chatting with us April! Firstly could you please tell us a little bit about who you are and what you have been up to recently?

The name of our Duo is Couples Therapy and we are April Kerry and Matt Fleming joining forces. We were lucky enough to perform at Splendour in the Grass on Friday at 3pm, in the Tipi Forest.

Could you please tell us about Couples Therapy? 

Couples Therapy is a Duo my boyfriend Matt & I started about a year ago. We first bonded over music when we started dating about three years ago, so it was a pretty natural thing for us to start DJing together. The name resonates with us as we may have our differences sometimes but we can always bond over music. We find that mixing together and sharing music with each other is like our therapy haha. 

Is this your first time at Splendour either as a performer or attendee? If you have been before what is it that you love about the festival?

It was a first for Couples Therapy, yes! I was lucky enough to play at Tipi Forest last year as my solo act, April Kerry. I feel super privileged to have been able to share my music at Splendour two years in a row!

Both of us have been going as attendees for years and we both admit we definitely had Tipi Forest on our lists as a stage we one day wanted to play. 

What we both love most about the festival is the diversity of the music. There’s something for everyone. 

Could you please tell us what the experience of performing at Splendour was like?

Playing at Splendour in the Grass was super surreal, to be included on a line up for Australia’s largest festival is something not many artists get to experience. There’s so many people from so many different places, it’s incredible to be able to share your sound with people from all over. 

Our music is relatively underground, so it was amazing to see so many people getting down to the tunes we love and possibly experiencing a sound they had never heard before. Also to share that experience with our significant other is something we will forever hold close to our hearts.

Do you have any other career aspirations with Couples Therapy? And do you have any other upcoming shows? 

Yes! We have been working hard over the last few months. delving deep into music production and learning so much about the sound we want to create as CT. We hope to have our debut EP out in the next year.

In terms of gigs, Couples Therapy has a few things on the horizon. Mostly local shows that are yet to be announced, but we are always applying for more festivals, and hope we will have the chance again soon to play another outdoors event as Couples Therapy. 

Could you please tell us what you are studying at SAE, why you chose to do the course and why do you enjoy it? 

I’m currently in my first trimester of the Music Production Diploma. I had been producing at home for a few months and attended the free workshop that Taya ran at SAE in April this year. A few of my friends who study at SAE invited me to come along and I realised after spending a day there, learning more about music production, that I loved the campus and the community here in Byron. I felt like the next step for me as an artist was to dive deep into my own productions to challenge myself and learn more skills so I’m able to create a career out of my love for music and the creative industry. 

Now I couldn’t thank myself enough for enrolling! I’m thoroughly enjoying the Music Production Diploma, I have so much respect for all the lecturers, I have learnt so many new skills and have found some wonderful friends within the SAE community.

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