Brisbane lecturer adds published author to accomplishments


12 Mar 2018




Brisbane lecturer adds published author to accomplishments

12 Mar 2018

SAE Brisbane Lecturer Stephane Elmosnino has published his first book, titled Audio Production Principles: Practical Studio Applications.

With 15 years of industry experience (eight of those teaching), Stephane was well equipped to impart his knowledge on a larger scale. Inspired by students who suggested Stephane write a book, the idea grew organically from there. While the subject matter (Audio Production) came easily to Stephane, the book took five years to complete due to his desire to accompany the text with audio examples and instructional diagrams - all of which were drawn by Stephane after teaching himself to use Illustrator and InDesign.

And it's not just students who reap the reward of Stephane’s hard work; he has found the project a valuable addition to his ongoing professional and creative development. “Writing the book has complemented my current audio practice, it makes me a better teacher and producer” he says.

“I have created Audio Production Principles for students and professionals alike. I have included tips and tricks, you don’t just read this book, it fosters critical engagement,” explains Stephane. “I believe in the power of practice based learning, it's how we teach at SAE and how the reader should interact with the book”.

SAE congratulates Stephane on this outstanding achievement. It is both a testament to his dedication and skill. 

Stephane’s book Audio Production Principles: Practical Studio Applications is published by Oxford University Press and is available for purchase now HERE