Audio grads grab chance to upskill at Lennox Wave

Byron Bay

13 Aug 2021

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Audio grads grab chance to upskill at Lennox Wave

13 Aug 2021

Over the last year, COVID-19 has decimated the music and audio industry in Australia with an estimated $300 million loss in revenue. With opportunities at many venues, festivals and events currently limited, up-and-coming audio and music professionals have found it difficult to find work. Two recent alumni of SAE Byron Bay, Courtney Parmenter and Dylan Brockington, have bucked that trend by securing positions at community radio station, Lennox Wave. Courtney and Dylan caught up with us to share how they got their foot in the door and what they’ve learnt on their journey.

Hi Courtney and Dylan, what did you study at SAE?

Courtney: We both studied the Bachelor of Audio degree...

Dylan: ...specialising in studio production.

What did you enjoy about studying at SAE?

D: I liked that I could access the studio whenever I wanted and the degree was very hands on. All my lecturers were really engaging and I always made sure to listen, do my work, grow, and make the most of the opportunities given to me.

C: I don't know if I could pick one thing, I just really loved the whole journey at SAE - I really didn't want to leave at the end! I learned so much at the Byron Bay campus, the people I met were amazing, the lecturers were super knowledgeable, it was an all-round great experience.

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Courtney said she loved SAE - "I really didn't want to leave at the end!"

Did you always want to study audio? 

D: I've always been into music, and interested in DJing, so I just fell into it. I like to dabble in anything creative; like music, film, and photography.

How did you come across the opportunity at Lennox Wave?

D: Courtney actually told me about it! 

C: It was advertised on the SAE alumni and student Facebook group, and I thought it might be a good chance to learn some new skills, so I got in touch with Milt at the station.

What have you been doing at the station?

C: We both do the programming and scheduling of shows. Given it's a community radio station and there’s no live DJ, we line up what's going to be played through an online platform. I've also done a bit of digital file converting and things like that as well.

What skills have you learnt whilst you’ve been at Lennox Wave?

C: Aside from programming, I've learnt how a radio station works behind the scenes.  All those digital audio classes at SAE have helped with file management, so that has certainly been good.

D: It’s been a really good introduction to the different aspects of radio, and it gives you an understanding of what’s expected in a professional environment.

What are your future plans?

D: I’d really like to use the skills I’ve learnt to produce podcasts at some point.

C: I’d like to immerse myself in as much audio work as possible. Get a taste of all the different audio fields and see where that takes me.


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