Audio student engineers for the Dandy Warhols


7 Apr 2017

jake holmes HERO



Audio student engineers for the Dandy Warhols

7 Apr 2017

Jake Holmes is an audio engineer with credits to his name – having worked with the likes of the Dandy Warhols, Courtney Barnett, Immigrant Union and Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother). He is currently studying the Bachelor of Audio at SAE Institute in Melbourne.

Jake took time out of his Trimester studies to have a chat about his amazing experiences and what he loves about audio.

Which SAE campus are you at?
SAE Melbourne

What are you studying at SAE Institute?
Bachelor of Audio

Jake HolmesJake working with Andrew Stockdale

What Trimester are you currently in?

Who inspires your work?
Brian Wilson and the wrecking crew are a huge inspiration; I love Pet Sounds and everything about that album; The Grateful Dead and Neil Young. Also Star Wars and The Dude

Have you studied previously?
Yes, I have studied viticulture/wine making, which was a while ago now. I really dig wine...

Student of SAE: Jake Holmes

What do you enjoy most about Audio?
Being involved in recording really cool music and albums. Getting in the studio and experimenting with sounds and making weird stuff.

What do you love most about studying at SAE Melbourne?
Being able to talk to really good teachers, getting to learn how others work and access to really good studios.     

What is your favourite software you use?
Logic Pro 8, Pro Tools

What is your favourite hardware you use?
1073 pre amp and the LA 2A

You are credited on the Dandy Warhols album, Distortland? How did this project come about? What did you do for this project?
My good friend Brent is the drummer of the Dandy’s and they needed drums and vocals recorded for the song ‘Give’. I also recorded vocals and percussion for a few B-sides. I would say my role for the session was recording engineer.

Jake HolmesThe Dandy Warhol's drum set-up

I also worked as one of the engineers on the live sessions for Courtney Barnett’s I’ve got a friend called Emily Ferris EP.

I had the opportunity to work with Courtney Taylor-Taylor (Dandy Warhols) for the single Watch My Mouth by Immigrant Union. I have been recording their album for the past year, which is due out very soon.

I was also lucky enough to work with Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother). Andrew produced the EP for my friend, Bob Harrow, while I engineered the recording. This was an amazing experience and something I will never forget.    


Who do you follow on social media?
I really like Dave Pensado, he shares a lot of great stuff that has helped me. I also follow The Simpson's.

Can you share an artist that inspires you?
The Dark Side of The Moon and more from Pink Floyd.

What are your goals after finishing studies at SAE Institute?
To record some really cool albums, travel overseas and work in great studios all over the world.

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