Adelaide’s music champions


19 Jul 2018




Adelaide’s music champions

19 Jul 2018

New music program Jam Live is a champion of the live music scene in Adelaide. Created by producer and show presenter Shanelle Franklin, Jam Live aims to showcase the diverse range of acts hailing from and visiting through Adelaide.

“Adelaide has a flourishing live music scene, any day of the week, any time of the year there is something happening, be it a concert, live gig or festival. This is what makes Adelaide such an exciting place to live, it's not lovingly referred to as the festival state for nothing!” says Shanelle.

With a mix of live performances, artist engagement and ‘vox pop’ style interviews with punters on site, Jam Live is a haven for new and emerging music as well as endearing favourites on the Australian music scene.

To assist with production, Shanelle enlisted the audio expertise of 5 students and 1 lecturer from SAE Creative Media Institute, another of Adelaide’s Audio champions. Students were on site, on set and in the studio working with live sound and studio recording as well as post production editing, mixing and mastering.

“The team of 5 students took on more than they had anticipated - but they flourished - I’m so proud of them and they should be incredibly proud of what they have produced,” says SAE Adelaide Campus Manager Johann Dreyer. “Not only has their technical ability improved, so too has their soft skill set such as working to deadlines, dealing with musos and on site set-ups, all real-world industry knowledge”

SAE student Declan Heath is grateful for the opportunity Jam Live and SAE has provided to him.

“It was awesome having the festival experience while building good relationships with the crew, people are welcoming, friendly and professional. The industry connections I made were invaluable,” he says.

Shanelle says the reception to Jam Live has been incredible. “People are very supportive of what we are trying to achieve, from the artists to the venues to the punters themselves, we are grateful for everyone's love and support, just as Jam Live loves and supports them too,” she says.

SAE Adelaide will be opening their doors for Open Night, Wednesday 8th August 6-8pm. 

JAM LIVE airs on Channel 9 Adelaide on Saturday at 4:30pm or catch up On Demand at 9now across Australia



Presenter Shanelle Franklin interviews musician Ali Barter.