2017 Global Game Jam at SAE Perth


10 Feb 2017




2017 Global Game Jam at SAE Perth

10 Feb 2017

SAE Perth, in partnership with Let's Make Games, proudly hosted this year's Global Game Jam at the Northbridge Campus.

The 48-hour non-stop event started on Friday 20 January and ran continuously until Sunday 22, with round the clock access for all participants. This year's event saw over 80 participants create 26 digital and analogue games over the two days.

2017 Global Game Jam - Perth

Global Game Jam is an international collaborative design challenge, held over 48-hours every year. Participants are given a theme as the event starts, and then work to create interesting, innovative or just plain strange games before the 48 hours is up. The theme for the 2017 Global Game Jam was "Waves".

SAE staff, students, local game developers and enthusiasts gathered at the SAE Perth campus on the Friday to nut out ideas their games ideas under the 'waves' theme – a theme that lent itself to many different interpretations. The weekend saw passionate coders and designers collaborating with animators and musicians to create a winning game. The teams benefited beyond expectation from the jam being held at SAE's campus. The game developers were provided access to SAE's seven recording studios so they could collaborate with staff and students from SAE's audio department to create original soundtracks and sound effects to accompany their games.

Virtual Reality game development

On the final day the whistle blow announced their time was up. The bleary eyed jammers moved into the lecture theatre to view team presentations of the final games that had been created from the weekend. It was an excellent way to say goodbye to a furious weekend of creativity and hard work.

Nick Ballantyne from GameCloud posted a fantastic write-up about the event, praising the game that was created by a power team of SAE games, audio and animation lecturers called Battle Bouncers.

The event was a truly global collaboration, with simultaneous events running world-wide. Participants use their bank of skills to develop a game on theme, and the results are always impressive, exciting and fun!

You can check out all the games from around the world in the 2017 Global Game Jam here: http://globalgamejam.org/2017/games

Battle Bouncers

SAE Institute Perth Battle Bouncer game

"Battle Bouncers" took the legendary trampoline term 'double bounce' and made it into an arena battle game. In order to knock your foes off the trampoline, the player needed to time their jump so their 'air-waves' push off the challenger. There’s nothing particularly difficult to understand about timing your jump, but the combat can get pretty chaotic when you've got four people on the trampoline. Besides, who doesn't want to knock their friend off the trampoline with a well-timed jump!

You can download the 48-hour GGJ version of Battle Bouncers on the GGJ website.

Battle Bouncers UI game design

SAE staff have continued working on the project, adding a track created by SAE Staffer Matt Mclean and SAE Audio Graduate Nick Emms.

The response to Battle Bouncers has been extremely positive, with players flocking to the new 6 person setup. Work will continue on the game throughout the year aiming for a full release in late 2017. Watch this space!

Video of the play session (courtesy of Hadyn Lander).

For more information, visit globalgamejam.org.

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