YouTube star pays it forward

Actor, musician and founding member of YouTube sensation The Janoskians, Beau Brooks is on a new mission in the music industry after returning from a successful career in LA.
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Since returning to Australia, Beau Brooks has partnered with Creative Art Therapy Australia (CATA) and SAE Creative Media Institute Melbourne to found Deconstruct Recreate, a music-based therapy program that incorporates art, narrative and movement.

Beau initially started with CATA with a terminally ill child, creating film clips with her as part of her therapy.

“I continued with CATA for another year, saw the impact they were making and realised this was something I wanted to do. CATA didn’t have a music program at this stage and I saw an opportunity to establish this arm of the organisation.”

Through Deconstruct Recreate Beau aims to give voice to children and youth who are enduring psychological and physical trauma, chronic illness and mental health challenges. Participants will explore their authentic voice and potential through the multifaceted program.

In the program, a minimum of five sessions are offered, led by a qualified art therapist and a professional music producer. Access to professional studios, equipment, and instruments are provided by SAE.

“We work with the participants through breathing and movement exercises, and try to get them dancing to feel comfortable. We also run a lyric writing session and there are opportunities to collaborate with established industry professionals such as music producers, instrumentalists, DJs and artists.”

Beau conceived Deconstruct Recreate as his capstone project in the Bachelor of Audio at SAE Institute and aspires to bolster the project in Melbourne before expanding the project nationally after graduation.

“Keiran, the SAE Melbourne campus manager, has been so supportive of this project; in fact, all the staff have really helped me bring Deconstruct Recreate together.”

Since disbanding The Janoskians in 2018 and returning to Melbourne after successful acting and music opportunities in LA, Beau says it’s his life’s work to help kids forge a different path in the music industry.

“The kids we have been working with already use music as an emotional outlet in one way or another. We want to build on that interest and hopefully Deconstruct Recreate can keep them off the streets, give them tools to cope, and hope for the future.”

Beau experienced his first taste of fame in 2011 when the YouTube videos he created with this group The Janoskians gained fast and wide popularity. Soon, Sony Music came on board and the first single they released went gold. After 15 releases, three world tours, a solo music career and roles on the big screen (Public Disturbance, Hope Springs Eternal), Beau disbanded The Janoskians in 2018.

During that time of producing music as guitarist and singer with the group, Beau would always take a keen interest in the sound desk and in his words was ‘giving uneducated opinions’ to the technician. Falling in love with the process and becoming more intelligent in that environment, Beau pursued the path of audio producing and is still producing music as a solo artist today.

“After being in the music industry for six years, experiencing three successful world tours with my band, and navigating fame and life in LA… I want to use that experience as a force for good in these kids’ lives; to give them hope for a better future.”

“Being at SAE is so much more than just learning your discipline – you hone your life skills and explore a broader view of what’s important. You gain new connections and the lessons learned open opportunities in every avenue in the industry.”

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