Simone is here to help you connect with industry

Simone Salmon is the Industry Liaison Coordinator (ILC) at the SAE campus in Sydney.
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At SAE, a bachelor degree qualification includes a work placement unit of study – like an internship.

Simone and other dedicated ILCs across the country work with students to support and build opportunities within industries across film, television, games, music, and audiovisual companies.

We chat with Simone about her work and she offers up some great advice for students.

Meet Our Experts

Name: Simone Salmon
Campus: SAE Sydney
Role: Industry Liaison Coordinator

What’s your background?

Teaching, Business, and Education.

Share a hobby or a passion of yours

Being in the garden.

Where is the first place you would visit when overseas travel resumes?

The United Kingdom.

Do you have any professional projects you are working on?

A student website and building relationships with SAE alumni. The student website is for the CIU310 Work Placement unit. I am currently user-testing with a group of students, to optimise the content and use it for other students.

How would you describe your opportunities to interact and engage with students at SAE?

I engage with students all the time – whether face to face, email, phone or online via Zoom.

What are some of the qualities you bring to students?

I provide a sense of fun, realism, life experience and expectations and knowledge of the subject matter for students to use.

What do you most enjoy about your position?

There is so much about this job I love, but the best bit is students tell me how much they value the work placement experience!

Can you offer any advice for students seeking to gain employment or work placement opportunities?

Be the best you can be.

Create a strong resume and portfolio – this is what potential employers will see first – make sure you know the discipline-specific area you want to work in and network!!

How do you practice or apply problem-solving in your role at SAE?

Skills such as solving a problem come with practice, you can’t always have the answer but being open to suggestions, asking questions and not giving up is a good start and of course chocolate helps!!

What advice do you have for new or prospective students on how they can set themselves up for success for studying at SAE?

Be positive in your abilities, you will be always be learning something new so don’t expect to be good at it straight away.

A smile goes a long way, communicate all the time and don’t shy away from criticism – you can do this!