SAE Perth campus manager, Dean Pearson

At the helm of each campus is a manager. Dean Pearson is the campus manager at SAE Perth. We caught up with Dean who shared his passion in audio engineering and also his passion for AFL, specifically the West Coast Eagles.
Image of SAE Campus Manager Dean Pearson

SAE Australia has six campuses nationally.

Each campus has many individuals that work together to provide and maintain world-class facilities, teaching, equipment and services. The students also make up the essential component of this ecosystem.

We caught up with Dean to discuss Perth, the campus and the Eagles…

What’s your professional background?

I suppose my career started after I finished studying music at UWA and started to hang around some studios on a stay in London. A friend suggested I do an audio course with SAE and 28 years later I am still here!

Share one of your hobbies.

My father was an opera singer, so my earliest memories as a young 3 year old are sitting under the piano at home playing with toys while he sang. Music has been my passion since then (although when the Eagles win a flag they will not be far behind).

Where is the first place you would visit when overseas travel resumes?

A nice hotel in Bali or Langkawi

Who do you follow on socials?

mm probably the Eagles Facebook page after a win (not so joyous otherwise)…

Do you have any professional projects you are working on?

Partway through recording a self-produced album under the alias Mr Milan. I think just another 5 years and I will finish it.

How would you describe your opportunities to interact and engage with students at SAE?

One of the challenges in my role is finding the space and time to meet with students, so I really enjoy the opportunities that events such as orientation and student showcase bring.

What are some of the qualities you bring to the student experience?

I hope our students feel they can always approach me at any time, just to chat and say hello, or seek assistance and guidance.

What do you most enjoy about being the SAE Perth campus manager?

Interacting with our wonderful staff and students, hearing about what they are doing and interesting in, and finding ways to support them is one of the best and most rewarding parts of the job

Can you offer any advice for students seeking to gain work placement opportunities?

Grab every opportunity that comes your way as each will provide something of value in either gaining experience or building relationships. And make sure you turn up on time!

How do you practice problem-solving in your role at SAE?

My audio background has given me a simple problem-solving process much the same as a signal flow on a desk. Find out what the problem is and work your way back to the cause.

What advice do you have for new students?

Aim high in your goals – but it’s ok if you don’t yet know what they are.

SAE student filming. Orange light hue. Event at SAE. behind the scenes

Why not visit the SAE campus in Perth?

SAE boasts world-class facilities and collaborative spaces geared towards the creative media industries, as well as flexible remote learning options. See for yourself and book a campus tour today!