Eliza represents the new wave of young female business owners

Design graduate, Eliza Allard is the director and founder of creative agency, The Content Lab.
Eliza business owner

The number of Australian solopreneurs has boomed over the last few years, and has seen the birth of younger business owners, with 45 per cent being aged 35 and under. In addition, there’s been a greater representation of female small business owners, with a 40 per cent growth since 2001.

Eliza Allard founded The Content Lab in 2019, and optimises this new generation. The 27 year-old’s creative agency produces photography, storytelling, video production and design content for a range of clients including Snap Fitness, Surf Life Saving Queensland, Southern Cross Austereo and Go1, who work with the likes of Beyond Blue and The Equality Institute. She’s also working with acclaimed hyperrealistic artist, CJ Hendry on her upcoming documentary, Copyright Infringement.

Eliza Allard

Between 2019 to 2022 in Australia, there was a rise of 34 per cent in small businesses. “Australia is one of the best countries in the world, where you can start a small business,” Eliza said. “There’s lots of services and advice out there to support aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Having studied the Bachelor of Interactive Media and Graphic Design at SAE, Eliza said the accelerated course enabled her to get into the industry sooner.

“Being able to finish my degree and start my career at the age of 19 was a huge plus for me, as it meant I got four years in the industry before I started my business,” Eliza said. “The classes at SAE were really small, which was good because I got that extra focus and attention from my lecturers.”

Eliza added that the learning style at SAE meant she could be more independent and spend time on where she wanted to focus her skills.

“You certainly have to be self driven, and you get out as much as you put in,” she said. “The opportunities to hire top-end gear and book out studios meant I could play around and experiment, which I otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to do.”

After SAE and four years in the industry, Eliza took the plunge to start her business. Having had the experience of making her own money from a young age, and family members owning businesses, it always seemed logical that she would start her own.

“When I was a child I’d have a fruit stall on the side of the road, and as I got older I’d go busking and make money that way, so I’ve always been independent, in that respect,” she said. “My uncle told me if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life, so I’ve always kept it in mind to enjoy what I do.

“I love that I have a lot of repeat clients and have lasting relationships with them. I go to several Christmas parties each year, so in many ways I feel like I’m a part of their work culture.”

With no shortage of work, Eliza explained her ability to adapt has meant she’s been booked out for months in advance. “Every business needs content, so it’s about figuring out what you want to specialise in,” she said. “There’s no limit to the work available, whether it’s copywriting or photography, I offer a flexible service to suit what clients need.”

With The Content Lab going from strength to strength, Eliza has found herself inspiring others to follow in her footsteps. “I’ve encouraged quite a few friends to start side businesses – it’s great to see young people exploring their passions and loving what they do.”

Designer working on an iMac computer. SAE Brisbane

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