Short Course in Ableton


The Ableton Production course is structured over 10 weeks and students will gain essential skills needed for the creation of their own electronic music.

Ableton Short Course at SAE Adelaide

Intended for beginners, students will cover critical elements of Ableton Live as well as broader production concepts. Upon successful completion of this course the student will have produced their own electronic music track and can gain discounted entry into our advanced courses via a RPL process.

SAE has implemented a remote flexible learning option for current and future students. The range of tools developed by SAE will not only allow students to collaborate online but also gain experience in remote working practices widely used within the creative industries.


 AUD $1095


 10 x 2.5-hour sessions. 10 weeks. One night a week 6pm - 8.30pm.

  • Session 1: Ableton Live Intro - Creating Drums
  • Session 2: Creating Basslines & Melodies with MIDI
  • Session 3: Sampling Loops & Warping / Time Stretching. Remixing.
  • Session 4: Mixer & Mixing Techniques
  • Session 5: EQ & Filters
  • Session 6: Compression, Limiting & Dynamics Processors
  • Session 7: Reverb, Delay & Other Effects
  • Session 8: Subtractive Synthesis
  • Session 9: Arranging
  • Session 10: Sampler & simpler


Ableton Live

  • Adelaide

Key Info


    10 weeks


    May 2020

    Sep 2020


    Enrol By: 11 Jun 2020

    Trimester Start: 25 May 2020

    Trimester End: 21 Aug 2020


    Short Course

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Fees and Payments

AUD $1095

How to enrol

To enrol for this course, please apply now or call 1800 SAE EDU (1800 723 338).

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