SAE & Format collab supports student & alumni success

In an exciting development for SAE students and alumni, we are pleased to announce a new collaboration with leading portfolio website provider, Format.
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This new collaboration gives students enrolled at SAE campuses across Australia and Dubai with exclusive free access to Format‘s comprehensive suite of portfolio building and studio management tools throughout their studies and for an additional six months following graduation. Furthermore, SAE alumni will receive ongoing support from Format, with a 25% discount on annual plans to facilitate their professional development beyond graduation.

SAE Australia General Manager and SAE Dubai Academic President, Dr Luke McMillan, expressed his enthusiasm for the new collaboration and how it reflects SAE’s values.

“At SAE, we are dedicated to providing our students with the world-class facilities and resources to succeed in their creative industries studies and future employment” Dr McMillan said. “This collaboration with Format underscores our commitment to empowering our students and alumni with the tools they need to thrive in the creative industries.”

John Loughlin, CEO of Zenfolio Inc, Format’s parent company, emphasised the significance of this collaboration in supporting creative media education.

“The Format and SAE collaboration is a very tangible step in our support of arts, design, and media students, giving them the best opportunity to start a successful career immediately after graduation,” Mr Loughlin said. “This furthers our commitment to students and educators and aligns with our pledge announced in 2022 to provide $1 million of free student website subscriptions.”

In addition, SAE students will also benefit from a range of free educational resources and webinars throughout the academic year from Format. These have been designed to impart foundational knowledge in portfolio building and other essential professional practices, further enriching the world-class educational experience at SAE, while providing students with the tools needed to have successful future careers.

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SAE boasts world-class facilities and collaborative spaces geared towards the creative media industries, as well as flexible remote learning options.
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SAE boasts world-class facilities and collaborative spaces geared towards the creative media industries, as well as flexible remote learning options.

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