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An SAE postgraduate qualification can help turn successful creators into leaders in the creative industries.

SAE Master of Creative Industries

This unique course offers a flexible and interdisciplinary online learning experience whilst fostering collaboration with like-minded creative peers across the SAE network. You’ll also get unlimited access to SAE’s state-of-the-art facilities and equipment across Australia and the world.

Centred on a main capstone project, this postgraduate program enables you to hone your creative skills with guidance from industry experts as your mentors. Your project could be anything from developing a piece of music, a video series, an online game or even an immersive VR experience. ​​Our experienced lecturers will help you explore and workshop your project idea, or we can potentially accommodate an existing project you may already have.

The Master of Creative Industries will also help you expand your professional network with the opportunity to attend a range of extra curricular seminars and bespoke workshops. You’ll graduate with a qualification that will ensure you stand out to potential employers as well as have the confidence and know-how to start your own creative venture.


Be mentored by Industry experts Our teaching staff are all immersed in the industry, providing guidance across all disciplines.
Advanced theoretical knowledge Obtain in depth understanding of key elements across a range of disciplines.
Leadership & practical skills Gain the expertise and practical skills in your chosen discipline and electives, as well as the skills and know-how to succeed in positions of leadership.
Capstone project You'll complete a capstone creative media project.
Build on your creative network Create a network of like-minded creative peers across Australia and the world.

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