Global Perspective

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SAE gives me world access

SAE has 47 campuses in 23 countries. Our students and teachers are a unique, diverse and creative community who come together for a collective purpose – outstanding education opportunities. Our expertise is world-recognised and truly global.

SAE courses are Australian Government accredited and internationally recognised. 

Want to study abroad? SAE can take you there.

As an SAE Bachelor and Associate Degree student, you have the opportunity to study up to two trimesters at an SAE campus overseas. * Not only will studying abroad be a life changing experience, you will have the chance to make new friends and industry connections, enhancing your future career prospects while broadening your horizons.

During your overseas study journey you will still be enrolled as an Australian student, therefore still accessing FEE-HELP if required.

As an Australian student you will also receive the one transcript that will cover the entire duration of your studies, both in Australia and abroad.

SAE can truly offer you the global perspective.

*Currently available at SAE campuses in England and Dubai.