Lodging a formal report

For some people, it may take a while to decide to lodge a report. You can lodge a formal report even if some time has passed since the incident/s. If the staff or student mentioned are no longer at SAE, there may be limitations to what outcomes can be reached, but we will still consider the information you provide, and will make contact to discuss.

When lodging a formal report, you will be asked to provide as much information as possible about the incident, including:

  • specific details of the incident (what, when, where and any relevant background information
  • any evidence you have, such as emails or text messages, which can be uploaded as attachments to the online form
  • contact you have had with the student/staff who is the subject of the concern
  • contact you have had with staff regarding the incident and any outcomes
  • whether you want SAE to investigate the issue, which will be guided by SAE’s Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure outcome/s sought as a result of the concern.