19 Dec 2018

zachary staines HERO




19 Dec 2018

2018 has been a big year for singer / songwriter Zachary Staines. He has been in America directing film clips in LA with social media stars Jess and Gabe Conte and recording a cover version of Lauv, also with Jess Conte. Both clips have now racked up a combined 1.2 million views on YouTube.  

Jess and Gabriel - I'll Be Home For Christmas (Official Music Video) Directed By Zacahary Staines

The There’s No Way cover recorded with Jess, got love from the original artist Lauv and was shared with his 199K followers on TWITTER

Working in the US is becoming a comfortable place for Zac to be, as he proves it is possible to create quality and artistic work on a small budget, work that obviously resonates with audiences. 

While working with Jess and Gabe Conte has certainly gained him some fans, Zac has already amassed a following his own right. Zac is known for his online vlogging career and original singles; Lost Boy, Moments and Foolish.

In addition to travelling from Brisbane to LA and making waves online, Zac also started his Audio degree with SAE Creative Media Institute in 2018 - Talk about a busy schedule!

Zac believes the support he receives at SAE is helping him evolve as an artist. “Sometimes being a solo artist can be an isolating place, being at SAE is a place of nurturing from a like-minded community. Getting feedback in real time from fellow students and lecturers is amazingly helpful,” he says. 

Tomorrow Zac releases his brand new single titled Young. Originally produced as an assignment piece for his course work, it was co-written by fellow student and group project partner Carissa Macfarlane. During the production stages Carissa and Zac realised they were onto something special and decided to release it as an end of year anthem. 


“The song is a reminder to myself that I don’t have to have all my stuff together right now, to chill out and enjoy where I’m at. Living in the moment, it’s my updated version of YOLO.” Zac says. 

Zac values quality songwriting in his artistic heroes. Musical influences include Jon Bellion who he admires for his honest lyrics as well as Chance the Rapper and Charlie Puth. Artists that make him dance are also always winners in his eyes. 

Zac’s own goal as an artist is one of self-discovery. “I’m building my own vision as I evolve, I want to work in a global and multi-disciplinary space and become an artist without restrictions,” he says. 

With an amazing end to 2018, we think 2019 is going to be even more impressive for the talented musician as he works on releasing his first EP. 


Zac’s single Young, is out Thursday 20th December on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

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