You don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to the creative industries

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17 Jan 2020




You don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to the creative industries

17 Jan 2020

The creative industries are a pretty crazy and constantly changing field and to be successful aspiring creators need to have diverse and adaptable skills to match, because in this field no two days will ever be the same. 

Desirable careers such as content creators now need to have film, audio, animation, design, games and music skills depending on the medium that they are working within. You may only need to apply one of these skills to a project that you are working on or maybe use all of them at once!

And by having a variety of technical expertise you are more attractive to potential employers or if you are lone wolf, more equipped to attract clients if you choose to go freelance - win-win. 

As a creator, you can guarantee that you will often be collaborating with other creatives on a range of multidisciplinary projects so to be able to speak the ‘language’ of these colleagues from different specialisations will make their, and your life a whole lot easier. Plus if you are good enough to be a lead on a creative project, being able to speak a range of ‘creative languages’ will allow you to communicate what you want from your team more effectively and will make you a more respected leader (what a boss!)

Again, if you are a lone wolf, and you have all the abilities you need, you won’t ever be limited or dependent on anyone to bring your unique vision to life. 

By learning about a whole heap of different technical practices you can also get a taster of what you might enjoy before settling on one specialisation, you might think you love audio but be a bomb at animation, stranger things have happened. 

If you think you want to be a multidisciplinary creator working for yourself or in a team or maybe want to have a taste test of a range of fields before honing in on your niche specialisation then check out our Diploma of Screen and Media (Creative Industries). 

This seven month course will provide you with an opportunity to become a digital-savvy professional within the creative industries, whatever that may look like for you.