Work placement gives students the Kiss of confidence


31 May 2019




Work placement gives students the Kiss of confidence

31 May 2019

SAE Melbourne has enjoyed a long relationship with independent radio station Kiss FM, dating back to 2005. This industry partnership was initiated through advertising and has developed from Kiss FM broadcasting live from the campus during events to the station now hosting students completing their work placement as part of the Bachelor of Audio. 

The SAE interns learn how to produce and present their own radio show, create the station ads, and promos, including promos for the SAE show, help with the general running of the station and work on pre-producing segments. Those lucky enough to get a chance to undertake their work placement at Kiss FM get the autonomy of producing their own experience that is then broadcast to a dedicated audience. 

Station Manager Timmy Byrne, a stalwart of the dance music scene, says his mentoring style is to let students develop independently while still providing gentle guidance. He says the students don’t need too much looking after anyway, they are all really enthusiastic and come from SAE with a compatible skillset.The students always walk away with a positive and unique experience and some students continue to produce their own shows with the station after their work placement has been completed. 

“I see huge differences in confidence from when they first arrive to the completion of their time here, once they get into the swing of it, they get confident quickly. The experience for them is challenging, exciting and rewarding. And as a testament to their abilities the outgoing students train the next intake of interns,” Timmy says. 

As some SAE Audio students are also artists in their own right, Timmy encourages them to use the show as a platform for them to showcase their own music, an opportunity they enthusiastically take advantage of. 

Listen to Timmy discuss the formative years of dance music in Australia on the Premium Tuna show hosted by Mount Mike and Liam Kendall. 

While Kiss FM serves the dance music community with the genres of house, trance, techno and more, it also caters to a broad range of musical tastes and encompasses jazz, funk, disco and branches into Hip Hop. The station also has the ethos to promote Australian artists where it can. 

Kiss FM (Dance Music Australia) started in Melbourne in 1994 running until 2001 and with a short hiatus established itself as an independent station in 2005. While the average age of a Kiss listener is 26, audiences have grown up with Kiss FM and the station has a loyal following. 

If you are in Melbourne you can listen to Kiss FM on 87.6 or 87.8or listen live anywhere around the world online at or via their free iPhone and Android apps and make sure you keep an ear out for the SAE show. 


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