Through the Eyes of Others exhibition


21 Apr 2017

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Through the Eyes of Others exhibition

21 Apr 2017

A recent student collaboration at SAE Brisbane has seen a number of film and audio students team up on an inspiring audio-visual (AV) graduate project, titled Through the Eyes of Others. Created as a public awareness project, the group are putting together an AV album focusing on six males and their individual battles with depression. Each video clip maps the dramatic stories of each participant with the male actors under a confrontational spotlight.

Through the Eyes of Others

Comprised of audio students, John Blinco, Lucas Willmer and Lloyd Edgar, and film student Bunitj Miles, the original idea for the graduate project was to record, mix and master an album of short videos that showcased the skills the group had learnt during their studies. The idea to focus on depression amongst males came about from an early discussion with their Senior Audio Lecturer, David Page, who guided the group on combining their learned skills from audio engineering and cultural industries classes. The subject matter was of particular importance to the group, as they have each experienced depression in different forms in their lifetime, so they wanted to highlight the issue and add to a conversation in the community.

SAE Brisbane Through the Eyes of Others

Once the idea was developed, the students scouted for actors, which is when they found the project really started to take off. The actors became the interview subjects after sharing their experiences with the students, allowing their stories to be told through the use of music composition and visuals.

"This project has been extremely rewarding so far. As a team we shared a strong urge to help raise the awareness for men’s mental health, and this has only grown since our sit-down interviews with our male participants/actors. We hope this project will raise awareness in the community, particularly within our own community of family and friends, to begin talking about mental health, instead of ignoring the issue."

The students will showcase their work at an intimate event on May 1st at Woolloongabba Substation where like-minded creatives can engage in a conversation on the topic. All proceeds for the event will be donated to BeyondBlue, who have supported the project and aided in the exhibition’s development.

Exhibition Details

When: Monday, May 1st, 2017, 6pm - 9:30pm
Where: Woolloongabba Substation, 45 Logan Road, Woolloongabba, QLD 4102
Facebook event: