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23 Nov 2018





23 Nov 2018

The streets of Mullumbimby (located in Northern NSW) once again came alive with colour and music at the annual Mullumbimby Music Festival last weekend (16th-18th November). 

SAE Creative Media Institute sponsored the Mullumbimby Bowlo, a venue constantly chock-a-block with excited festival revellers. 

Over the three days, five audio students ran the Bowlo stage sound desk and three film students worked as the video content crew for the festival. 

On Saturday evening the heavens opened and torrential rain meant that power was lost to most venues besides the Bowlo and Mullum high. As the Bowlo packed in even more from those looking for shelter from the storm, festival goers danced even harder as the rain bucketed down outside. 

The SAE students had to act quickly in order to keep the audio sounding great in the challenging environmental conditions.  

Sunnyside performs at the Bowlo

SAE Byron student Anthony Martino talks to us about working the live sound desk at the bowlo.

What was your role at Mullum Music Festival?

My role at Mullum Music Festival was stage hand which involved setting up the stage, lighting, sound system and setting up stage setup for each band. I also took turns with my fellow classmates on the console as a sound guy.

How did SAE prepare you for the event?
We did a lot of pre production before hand in class which included getting to know the signal flow that is involved in a live sound setup. We received tech specs from each band so we were able to prepare the mixer/console for each band which really put us ahead and were able to work out any problems that we may of encountered.

Did you encounter any challenges?
The power on stage went off on the last night, we were unsure at the time what it was but it all came to switching the mains off and on again which solved the problem. I feel like our preparation before the festival got us ready for any issues that happened. 

How has the experience shaped your understanding of the live sound industry?
I understand that you really have to be switched on and not to stress. Live sound is a profession that requires 100% focus and remaining cool, calm and collective is key.

What was the vibe like?
Massive!! When the venue was packed out the vibe was energetic and vibrant. During the day it was really chilled. I like how it's family friendly and it caters for all ages.

Who was your favourite band over the weekend?
They were all really good, I was really impressed. Horns of Leroy, Cheap fakes and Jesse Morris Band stood out for me. 

Mullum crew

The SAE Crew working the sound desk

Representing the SAE community was Student ambassador Louis Muller. Louis recounts his experience at the festival.  

The festival was a great opportunity to network with festival directors, artists and the public and gain perspectives and knowledge on a wide range of topics. 

I was lucky enough to interact with the artists and act as MC for the bowlo stage. This was a great opportunity to network with the artists and gain a personal connection with people in the music industry. 

Introducing them on the stage helped the public gain knowledge on the performing act and also allowed time for myself to acknowledge SAE as the sponsor for the event along with the organisers of the festival. 

Besides the role of MC I made the most of interacting with the public and encouraging the positivity, professionalism and opportunities that SAE can offer. 

Providing knowledge and my own personal experiences to the public was great and hopefully encouraged others to follow their creative passions whether it be Audio, Film, Gaming, Animation or Design. 

With great music exceptional sound (the sound desk was run by SAE staff and students), it made my job very easy as there was a lot of interest in how the good vibes and stage was being presented. 

Overall it was a great experience. I have gained new contacts in the music industry, made new friends and feel lucky to have been presented to opportunity to represent SAE as their Ambassador for the event. 


Louis MC'ing at the festival

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