Byron Bay

11 Apr 2014

Zowie Cannas




11 Apr 2014

Bachelor of Audio student - Trimester 6
SAE Byron Bay


1. What got you interested in studying at SAE?

I guess as a musician, I was always struggling to put my ideas down and I’ve always liked the idea of being able to record. It seemed like the most creative option for a job. Studying audio just made sense to me as a musician.


2. What’s the coolest thing you've done / highlight of your time at SAE?

Getting to use Studios 301. That was definitely a big highlight. I also got to work with a few great Australian bands like Grinspoon.


3. Who are your favourite musicians and producers and what inspires you artistically?

Misha Mansoor from the US. He’s an artist/producer and does everything I’d like to do musically. He’s a really gifted musician. He does all his recording at home and produces some albums that sell very well. It’s amazing to see successful home recording. Definitely an inspiration.


4. What are you currently working on towards your final Creative Project?

I’m doing a home recording project, trying to compare home recording and studio use. Basically trying to justify what the most important aspects of a studio are. I’m doing that by making a metal EP at home. It’s really what I want to do later in life.


5. If all your dreams could come true, what would you be doing once you finish your studies at SAE?

It would be really nice to go into a studio and get work experience and the chance to work with artists I love. I’d even like to own my own studio and be able to produce bands. It’s pretty straight forward, but its what I’ve always wanted to do.