Take 5 with Elle Shimada

Byron Bay

29 Nov 2013

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Take 5 with Elle Shimada

29 Nov 2013

Elle Shimada

19 years old

From Tokyo, Japan

Trimester 3 Audio student


1. What got you interested in studying at SAE Byron Bay?

I was a musician for a while and did some recording at SAE a few times which got me interested. I am always fascinated by sound in general, not just music but sound of the nature and you know, the sound of whatever. It gets me so excited so I wanted to know more about it. It would be really amazing to make my living just playing music and recording music and maybe doing live sound; just to be surrounded by music.


2.What’s the coolest thing you’ve done / highlight of your time at SAE?

I guess it’s the daily life, like we have access to amazing studios that we would never be able to use otherwise that we can use every day and incredible microphones. It’s such a great opportunity because you don’t only do your assignments but you can record for whoever you want and have a lot of fun in the studio. And of course the festival experiences that SAE offers us students are really amazing.


3.What album / band / film / filmmaker inspires you the most and why?

That’s a difficult one! I’ve been so into the band Hiatus Kaiyote from Melbourne. They are so amazing and I actually got to meet them. They are the coolest people.


4.  What do you plan to do once you’ve finished your studies?

I’ve been working in local live sound production so that’s probably where I’ll start getting more into the industry first. I think we are going to be touring with Mama Kin and Tinpan Orange as well as Pete Murray and other amazing local artists! And then hopefully I’ll get some really cool studio experiences as well as the live sound.


5.What are your plans for the weekend?

I’m actually doing something really exciting on Saturday. I’m going to be recording with the recording studio using ribbon microphones, really nice vintage microphones and Michael Stavrou, who is a really legendary engineer has retired locally and he is going to come help us do it! So yeah, that’s really exciting.