Sydney Student’s Short Film to be Shown at Animation Block Party in NYC


3 Jul 2014

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Sydney Student’s Short Film to be Shown at Animation Block Party in NYC

3 Jul 2014

Current SAE Sydney Animation Student, Aleksandar Trofin, has had his short film ‘I Only Dream Of Love’ accepted to be shown at the Animation Block Party in New York City.

‘I Only Dream Of Love’ is about Miguel, a lonely individual who has a daydream about his rubber ducky becoming a love interest for himself.

Aleks says the inspiration behind ‘I Only Dream Of Love’ comes from the relatable idea that everyone of us when lonely has once dreamt up a companion. “I just kind of decided to make it a bit ridiculous and endearing," Aleks says.

Whilst Aleks would love to see his film being screen at the Animation Block Party, he won’t be able to head over to New York at this stage. “We're smack bang in the major project phase of our course, and I'm really into it. If anything, we'll be entering our new film into the same competition, and if it makes it, we'll go over then,"  says Aleks.

Aleks created ‘I Only Dream Of Love’ for the Advanced 2D Animation class last year, and states that he would have never entered the film in a competition - let alone an overseas contest - if not for the support of SAE Animation Lecturer, Amber Boardman.

“She told me it was good enough and spurred me on during the process. She's essentially to blame for everything involving this film,” says Aleks of Amber.

Congratulations again, Aleks! Looking forward to seeing some of your future projects come to life.

You can view ‘I Only Dream Of Love’ on Alek’s YouTube page here.

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