Sydney Animation Lecturer Recognised by the Community


11 Jun 2014

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Sydney Animation Lecturer Recognised by the Community

11 Jun 2014

SAE Sydney Animation lecturer, Amber Boardman, has recently been recognised by the City of Sydney (in conjunction with GAFFA) and The Dame Joan Sutherland Fund for her creative contributions to the city. 

Earlier in the year, Amber's talents and creative project ideas saw her receive a William Street Creative Tendencies Studio Residency, meaning she is able rent out a loft-style building with six other artists in Darlinghurst.

"..The idea is that artists are essential to a community and their contribution is important, but often they can't afford to live in the city because rent prices have gotten so high. So the idea is finding a way to bring artists back to the city", Amber says.

Off the success of her residency, Amber contacted the American-Australian Association to see if she could receive some support to buy equipment for her upcoming project, and just last month Amber became the recipient of a grant from The Dame Joan Sutherland Fund.

Amber has been lecturing at SAE since early 2013, when she made the impromptu decision to move from New York City to Sydney. 

"So I fell in love with an Aussie a couple of years ago. I was living in New York City and I all of sudden, one day, decided that I had to be with him. I'm going to pick up everything I'm doing in New York and move to Sydney", Amber says. 

This momentous experience has sparked the idea behind Amber's current animation project, which she describes as, "highlighting a moment of risk taking, using the vehicle of migration". 

Amber's project involves interviewing migrants from many different communities and cultures and asking them: "why did you decide to come to Sydney? ...What was the initial moment that you decided that you were going take this risk and that you were going to come? ...How has your life changed as a result?".

Amber will then animate their stories and project them at multiple sites around the city. "It will be part of a multi site-specific installation project, involving animation, Australian composers and hopefully musicians playing along with animations live", Amber says. 

A big congratulations, Amber - we can't wait to see your project come to life across the city!

You can keep an eye on Amber's projects by visiting her website here.

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