Study For A Day at Brisbane Campus


1 Jul 2014

SAE News Brisbane Study For A Day at Brisbane Campus 2014



Study For A Day at Brisbane Campus

1 Jul 2014

SAE Brisbane campus presented the popular Study For A Day program again on Saturday June 21, to a record numbers of participants. Attendees included school students and members of the public looking to study one of the creative media courses.

Guests chose whether to attend workshops in either Animation, Audio, Design/Web, Film or Games, where they were presented with actual coursework, as well as working on small projects.

The Animation team had guests working on 2D and 3D animation, including building 3D robots, while the Audio students learnt how to record and edit samples in Pro Tools, as well as learning about sound effects for film.

The film students designed a product, then worked on a TV commercial to promote their work, which was filmed and edited on the day with the help of staff.

In the Games workshop, guests learnt about the design process by suggesting game ideas as a group – which resulted in their game concept of King Arthur on his trusty steed Susan, in space, who dodged meteorites and shot round tables. They then worked with staff to program the design and bring the elements into fruition.

Design students worked together to brainstorm and create a concept magazine, called ‘Hipster Beards’. They worked on layout design in Photoshop and developed the visual components for the digital version.

Those who attended the day gave very positive feedback, including that the event helped them to decide which field or course to study. 

Look out for our next event on Saturday October 18. More details coming soon!

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