Students of SAE: Isaac Ibbott


24 Oct 2016

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Students of SAE: Isaac Ibbott

24 Oct 2016

Graphic design student, Isaac Ibbott, is based in Brisbane and recently worked on an album art brief for SAE Brisbane audio students , LXD. Cross-collaboration is a common practice at SAE Institute and opens up creative opportunities across multiple disciplines. LXD, are an electronic collective and were recently showcased on Triple J Unearthed.

Which SAE campus are you at?
SAE Brisbane

What are you studying at SAE Institute?
Bachelor of Graphic Design

What Trimester are you currently in?
Trimester 6

SAE Brisbane student and graphic designer Isaac Ibbott

Photo: Isaac Ibbott of SAE Brisbane

Who inspires your work?
The many indie artists of Instagram are what inspire me to create.


What do you enjoy most about Graphic Design?
I love everything about Graphic Design. The fact that there are an infinite amount of ways to do one thing astounds me.

SAE Brisbane student and graphic designer Isaac Ibbott

Photo: LXD band member Luke

What do you love most about studying at SAE Brisbane?
The people are what make it great. Friendly and helpful always.

What is your favourite software you use for your discipline?
Photoshop is the beast. So many loving and scarring memories with this software.


What projects have you worked on are you most proud of? What did you produce?
LXD EP has to be one of the more difficult pieces I’m proud of! This was an EP which is based off of the transition into a bad trip.

LXD album cover

Photo: LXD album cover

Who do you follow on social media?
I follow all the upcoming design studios, design inspiration pages, marketing pages online so that I can so I can see all the upcoming trends in Graphic Design.

Can you share an artist that inspires you?
Alexandru Savescu


What are your goals after finishing studies at SAE Institute?
I plan to pursue my dream of owning and leading a creative studio and house multiple designers. I see the company as a full-service studio - ‘Wandering Imagery.’


Converse or Vans
Coffee or Tea
Apple or Android
Instagram or Snapchat
Photoshop or Illustrator


Wandering Imagery is SAE Brisbane graphic design student, Isaac Ibbott

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