SAE Adelaide audio students releases EP


10 Oct 2016

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SAE Adelaide audio students releases EP

10 Oct 2016

Ash Gale is an Audio student from SAE Adelaide, who is very active in the Adelaide music scene. We chat with him ahead of his recent EP release.

Which SAE campus are you at?
Good ol' Adelaide

What are you studying at SAE Institute?
Diploma of Music Industry (Studio and Live Sound Production)

What Trimester are you currently in?

Who inspires your work?
Hmm.. the producers/mixers that inspire me most are probably Michael Brauer, David Bottril, Dann Hume, Scott Horscroft. Adam Noble, Brian Eno, Liam Quinn & Tom Montesi. All of these artists are super-duper talented.

Have you studied previously?
I studied a Bachelor of Social Work a few years back.


What do you enjoy most about Audio?
I enjoy the creative aspect and the technology behind music production. Producing and mixing audio is an art form, just as much as songwriting is.

What do you love most about studying at SAE Adelaide?
As a full time musician, SAE really pushes me to understand more about engineering and producing. I love how there is always something new and creative to be inspired by.

What is your favourite software you use for your discipline?
Logic Pro X & Pro-Tools 12

What is your favourite hardware you use for your discipline?
Neve 1073, Solid State Logic, Teltronix LA-2A, Manley Cardioid Microphone... I could go on forever!


What projects have you worked on, and which one are you most proud of? What did you produce in this project?
I've written and recorded one album with my previous band (The Sundance Kids) and three solo EP’s.

Who do you follow on social media?
Basically, a lot of Australian and international audio producers and mixers. I also like to follow people who offer their audio knowledge, tips and tricks. Aaron Sterling is a good drummer & engineer to follow. @sterloid

Can you share a playlist that inspires you?
Hmm this playlist has been on repeat. 50 greatest ambient albums from Pitchfork.


What are your goals after finishing studies at SAE Institute?
To keep writing, recording and producing music. I'll strive to be the best I can be and always learn from others. You can never gather too much knowledge and experience, as corny as that sounds, it's true.

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Facebook: @ashgalemusic
Soundcloud: @ashgale

Whatever the Ending EP by Ash GaleAsh Gale EP available on iTunes

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