Student's crew Australia's biggest music festival

Brisbane -

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8 Feb 2017




Student's crew Australia's biggest music festival

8 Feb 2017

While many of us were recovering from our Christmas hang overs and planning the finer details on how to celebrate the start of a new year, a dedicated group of SAE Film and Audio students from Melbourne, Perth, Byron Bay and Brisbane were packing their bags for what would be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Twenty-eight students were selected to take part in the 2016 Falls Festival – the 24th Annual Music & Arts Festival presented by Secret Sounds Connect.

SAE Institute students pose at Falls festival 2016

Falls Festival 2016

Accompanied by fifteen SAE academic staff who volunteered their time to supervise, the teams of students worked alongside the festival's production crew in the areas of live sound set-up, recording and video production.

The Lorne event kick-started the festival on December 28th – January 1st, with Byron Bay following the lead and opening their festival grounds from December 31st – January 3rd, before Fremantle wrapped the celebrations from January 7th – 8th.

SAE Institute students working at Falls festival 2016

It was the first time SAE Creative Media Institute had partnered with the Falls Festival as the official Audio Engineering and Film Education Sponsor for 2016. The many hours of on-the-ground work experience will count towards the student's required internship hours of their course.

SAE students were given the opportunity to experience what it's like to bump in and out of a festival environment, film performances, operate outside broadcast equipment, run a live feed to ABC's RAGE, set-up equipment and work across multiple stages monitoring performances by some of the world’s most popular headline artists such as Childish Gambino, London Grammar, The Avalanches, Violent Soho and DMA's, to name just a few.

Students and staff were faced with all kinds of challenges that you would expect from a live music environment, including all of nature’s elements, from incredibly hot days, to downpours of rain and the odd thunderstorm. Despite it all the students plowed through the early starts and late nights, to perform a tremendous job over the festival, and were certainly appreciated on the stages. By the final day they had proved their worth, and looked as though they belonged as part of the production crew.

SAE Institute students working on-stage at Falls festival 2016

Two students who benefited more than they’d expected were Jevon Ellison (SAE Byron Bay) and John Blinco (SAE Brisbane) who were fortunate enough to be taken on as paid crew members in a last minute fill-in for an experienced crew member.

SAE Institute students filming at Falls festival 2016

SAE Institute - Not your average classroom

Proving that SAE is not your average classroom…. here is some feedback from our SAE students who made up part of the Falls Festival crew for 2016.

"Opportunities like this that SAE give us is just so awesome... it prepares us for things we are going to be doing out of the learning environment"

"We've worked with some great guys in the industry on the main stage – they've been super helpful and really knowledgeable when you ask questions. They have to be very organised, with big acts that have a lot of equipment and gear"

"You've got to start somewhere. There's a lot of work involved, but it's so good to get some of that base experience working backstage"

"It’s a lot different when you go out into the industry because everyone has they're own way of doing things, so you’re learning not just from one person, but a whole team of people"

SAE Institute students backstage at Falls festival 2016

"It has certainly been a hands-on day, much more fun then just sitting in a classroom!"

"I want to pursue work in live sound, so I'll be taking everything I can away from this experience"

Even one of the festival's production managers had great things to say about us…

"SAE do a great job at giving you the practical knowledge for future creative endeavours"

A big shout out goes to our SAE staff who gave up their holidays to camp onsite at the festivals and did a stellar job of supporting the crew and liaising with the festival’s production team. It was an amazing experience for our students, and it couldn’t have been possible without you.

SAE Institute students setting up at Falls festival 2016

LORNE - Falls Festival

SAE Students SAE Staff
 Anthony Hamsord  Chris McAlpine
 Theodore Eliadis  Anjali Singh
 Jordan Barrington  Kurt Moser
 Luke MacLaughlin  John Glazbrook
 James Wajura  
 Felix Parnell  
 Gokce Sel  
 Jeremy Smith  
 Luke Hardy  


BYRON BAY - Falls Festival

SAE Students SAE Staff
 Angus Hawkey  Patty Preece
 Omkar Tamhan  Jill Moonie
 Reuben Sawkmie  Anne Chesher
 Jevon Ellison  
 Chantelle Roberts  
 Matthew Lonie  
 Jayden Johnston  
 John Blinco  


FREMANTLE - Falls Festival

SAE Students SAE Staff
 Terri Bellem  Tahlia Carter
 Rebecca Parker  Kate Millar
 Damien Solerta  Dean Millsom
 Chelsy Quintana  Miguel Pereira
 Richard Workman  Andy Hill
 Therese Ellis  Dean Pearson
   Rob Viney


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