STUDENT PROFILE: Tom Reid – Trimester 6, Bachelor of Audio

Byron Bay

8 Apr 2015

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STUDENT PROFILE: Tom Reid – Trimester 6, Bachelor of Audio

8 Apr 2015

STUDENT PROFILE:  Tom Reid – Trimester 6, Bachelor of Audio 

What got you interested in studying audio production at SAE?

I played piano and guitar for numerous years, sung in bands, played in bands. So I originally came along to do audio production because I wanted to get more production experience and start to make music and make albums off of that.

What has been your best experience at SAE Byron Bay?

Originally I came to SAE to study studio production, but when I started to do audio post-production for film I really loved that, and loved doing Foley production and ADR (automated dialogue replacement). Those two subjects, Introduction to Post-Production and Advanced Post-Production were my two favourite and I really enjoy doing those. 

What are you working on for your creative project?

Because I enjoyed post-production so much, I decided to do my creative project in the field of video game audio. I love playing video games, I love technology and I thought, what better project to do for my portfolio and my future than to replace video game audio. I’m recreating the French Revolution in a changing and evolving video game soundscape. I’m redoing a clip out of Assassins Creed Unity, replacing all the audio in French, so it’s all historically accurate in keeping with the French Revolution. 

Who or what inspires you in the world of audio production?

For music, I love the producer Jean Paul-Fung from Sydney; I love his production and extremely clean mixes and band recordings. For video games, I love Riot Games and Blizzard Entertainment games. Their teams and their production is incredible when it comes to the level of detail they go into and how much work they put in. 

If all your dreams could come true, what would you do after you finish your degree?

Ultimately, I’d love to work in post-production or in video game audio as well. I’d love to work for Riot Games or someone like that. But if not, I love studying so I’m also looking at doing a Masters in Acoustics when I finish as well.

What are your plans for the Easter break?

I’m working at Bluesfest over the weekend, which is my SAE internship unit, so that will be five to six days of intense work but it should be really fun.