25 Sep 2018





25 Sep 2018

Since being announced as the Indigenous Creative Media Scholarship recipient in February 2018 Rylan has dived head first into the Bachelor of Audio at SAE Brisbane, enthusiastically working on course content along with self directed projects. Now halfway through his degree we chat to Rylan about his study experience so far.

Why did you choose an Audio degree with SAE?

I chose to do an Audio degree with SAE because I had visited the campus on Open Day and liked what I saw. I decided that if I was going to do a course in Audio, it would be at SAE because it is the world’s leading creative media institute and has campuses across the world. A degree here would not only help me to get an idea of my future career prospects, but it was also a great place to start learning the practical concepts of Audio. SAE is somewhere I have access to the resources I need and can get a hands on learning experience.

What does receiving the Indigenous Creative scholarship mean to you?

Receiving the Indigenous Creative Scholarship has been one of the most exciting things about my course at SAE, it is something I am very grateful for.  Not only this but I can use the scholarship as an extra to add to my resume and portfolio, and it helps to establish myself as an Audio Engineer in the creative Indigenous community. I highly recommend that anyone eligible for the scholarship apply for it. 

What projects have you been working on since commencing?

Since I’ve started at SAE I have worked on a big range of personal and school related projects. I had recently assisted in the recording of Sunshine Coast band The Bonnie Doons to produce a 3 track EP, which I then mixed. I have created a sample library of Kitchen sounds that could be used in post production, which I recorded and edited. I am also currently working on a pop song production with a local Brisbane artist with two of my classmates. Aside from course related projects, I have been working on developing my own productions as I continue to learn new techniques throughout my studies with SAE.

Where do you hope an Audio degree can take you?

I hope that an Audio degree with SAE will allow me to work successfully in a creative career. A dream goal would be to work in composing and producing backing tracks for artists and potentially work with major record labels around the world. I, however, would also like to do some work in Australia’s Indigenous creative scene and may dabble in scoring, sound effects and foley recording for film, television and gaming.

What advice do you have for those looking to study a Bachelor degree?

My advice would be to be motivated and driven to use the course to your advantage to get the career you want. Stick through the parts that you might not find relevant at the time, there are always ways that you could apply it to your work and spend time getting as many networks as possible. Be prepared that it is only two years and start to form a rough idea of where you want to be by the end of it and how you will make a career out of it. Apply for a scholarship too because you never know, you could be the winner!