Say hello to Brisbane Audio student and Synth fan Quinn


9 Jan 2020

Quinn Kallisti



Say hello to Brisbane Audio student and Synth fan Quinn

9 Jan 2020

Ableton live fan Quinn loves the ever exciting nature of audio, music and performance. Quinn has collaborated on projects with the film students and dreams of teaching others the joy of audio production.

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NAME: Quinn Kallisti

CAMPUS: Brisbane

DISCIPLINE: Bachelor of Audio (Post Production)



What do you most enjoy about student life at SAE?
Personally for me, the best part about attending SAE is the ability to make real connections with other creatives. Networking is such a huge benefit, and getting to work alongside other disciplines and create very real projects, it perfectly emulates the reality of the real world and the ways in which we as creative industry professionals integrate into the workforce.

What are your plans for when you graduate?
I have several plans; I am quite interested in starting my own business, however this will require capital, and for that I might require employment under a pre-existing business in the industry for a few years. I would also love to acquire a Diploma of Education, which would allow me to work for the Government providing Music therapy for individuals with learning difficulties, or work in secondary education opening up opportunities for young people to get into expressing themselves through the creative media industry.

Can you share an artist or professional in your discipline that inspires you?
Delia Derbyshire is a fantastic inspiration for me, she composed the Doctor Who theme song, with little more than test oscillators, and reel to reel tape... a real pioneer in the realm of electronic music and synthesis in general, I am a huge synth fan!

Could you please tell us a little about your involvement with SAE campus life?
I endeavour to involve myself in as many multi-disciplinary projects as possible throughout the trimesters, and can often be found assisting people from lower trimesters, or even my classmates. The SAE campus is a really fun place to be, and has a great student culture. Everyone is really easygoing, so I really enjoy my time on campus. I’d love to be more involved within the student council

Have you studied previously?
I attempted a Bachelor of Human Computer interaction straight out of highschool, but it was not for me. I’m glad to have found my passion

What do you enjoy most about your discipline?
I love the opportunity to not only engage the problem solving side of my brain, but also the creative one, that's the best part about audio and music, you could study it your whole life and still only scratch the surface of potential knowledge acquisition. The ability to be constantly learning and creating is what gives me a thirst for life.

What is your favourite software you use?
I absolutely LOVE Ableton Live, and the new Live 10 is a huge improvement, I have been using the Ableton platform for about 8 or more years now. I am quite proficient in other DAWS but Ableton is my favourite.

What is your favourite hardware you use?
You would think a Synth nerd would own some Synths, but unfortunately not... Hopefully soon. For now I use a bunch of Soft Synths, and something like an Akai MPK49 Midi controller to compose my music

What projects have you worked on, and which one are you most proud of? What did you produce in this project?
I have worked on many projects while at SAE, but here are some cool ones; One is a complete audio replacement of a scene from the film Bladerunner where we created Foley sounds, recorded sounds on location, utilized synthesis to create sound effects. We also did a voice acting ADR performance, for all the characters in the scene, and composed some music, it was a really fun project. Another is a TVC for Kahlua, this was a really fun and quick project where myself and a classmate composed some music along to a video that was created by film students studying alongside us at SAE.  

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to SAE?
When you are here make friends, network, learn as much as you can from peers as they say; “It’s who you know”

What is Orientation and the first day of SAE like?
Exciting to say the least, my heart aflutter at the opportunities being laid out before me. Meeting new people, and meeting some lecturers and staff for the first time, that would ultimately become great mentors to me and learning my way around the lovely campus.

Do you have any helpful tips to share with fellow students?
Be in it to win it, don't kid yourself and waste your time and others time, if it truly is a passion, make it your career.

What is the best fun fact about yourself?
I am Transgender :3

What have you accomplished that you are most proud of?
Getting to play my music in front of large crowds has been one of my biggest achievements and nothing beats the adrenaline rush !!

Who are 3 people you would invite to dinner, dead or alive?
Robert Moog, Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram


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