SAE students capture Jungle Love vibes


28 Nov 2015



SAE students capture Jungle Love vibes

28 Nov 2015

Recently awarded Queensland Event of the Year, outdoor music and arts festival Jungle Love provided a great opportunity for SAE Brisbane students to put their creative media skills to the test.

Fifteen film students and one audio student volunteered at the two-day festival in November, working as camera operators, vision switchers, cinematographers, production assistants and location sound support while gaining credit towards their studies.

Earlier in the year, two graphic design students were engaged as interns as part of their degree studies to develop event maps and promotional content for the Jungle Love Festival website.

Festival organiser Lincoln Savage commended the students on their excellent work at the two-day event.

“Either the SAE program is achieving great results, or you guys are just freakishly talented, or a combination of both,” he said.

“I snuck into the van a few times over the event, well done, really excited to see the footage.”

Final year film student Mitchell Ison, 20, led the student film crew in his role as producer, alongside Technical Director Josh Bailey, 20.

According to Ison, the experience was a highlight of his studies.

“We had an OB van style set-up with the Tricaster and a couple of iMacs inside, along with four Canon C100 cameras running a direct feed to the van all weekend,” he said.

“We all experienced a wide range of music genres at the festival, from garage, rock, all the way through to Bollywood and Surf, and I can speak for the crew in saying that we'd all jump on the opportunity to film at Jungle Love again next year”.