1 Dec 2019





1 Dec 2019

SAE Melbourne games lecturer Fae Daunt has the honor of being the only educator on the inaugural Gender Equality InGames List 2019. The list recognises 50 industry professionals in Australia and New Zealand actively working to make a positive change for gender diversity in the games industry.  

Fae was recognised for her growing influence in the trans activism arena. In the past 12 months she has given talks at the largest industry and consumer gaming conferences in Australia; GCAP (Games Connect Asia-Pacific) and PAX on the importance of trans recognition and gender inclusiveness in the industry. 

Fae is also one of seven administrators of GDAU (Games Developers of Australia) that has a focus on promoting diversity in the industry.  

At SAE, Fae has also spearheaded the Queer Collective, a student support group and alumni network available to students studying all creative media disciplines at campuses nationwide. Fae said education providers had a primary and key role in effecting positive change and empowering gender diverse students to work in the games industry. 

“Educators are at the forefront to support meaningful change, even something as simple as using the correct language that services the LGBTQIA+ community can make a big difference.”

Positive engagement in this space doesn’t stop once someone gets a foot in the door of the games industry, it is paramount that minorities are part of the ongoing conversation in workplaces and promoted to leadership and decision making roles. 

“While the industry in Melbourne is already miles ahead of the rest of the world in terms of diversity, there is always room for improvement. That’s why I am passionate about ensuring gender minorities have visibility, both as characters in games and as professionals working at studios,” Fae said. 

Fae believes that gaming is the perfect medium conducive to introducing ideas on diversity as studies show that playing games creates more feelings of empathy for the user than any other media. 

The interdisciplinary nature of games is also what attracts Fae to the industry. “Games is the only medium in the creative industries that has a touch point on other disciplines such as audio, animation, film, design and web development. Games are a beautiful blend of all of them.” 

Fae is not just a lecturer at SAE but also a student, she is currently completing the Masters of Creative Industries program, creating games as part of her major projects

“The love I have for the games industry is mirrored within the learning environment at SAE, games students have the benefit of working with other students in the other creative media fields, I can see the positive benefits of these interactions as both a teacher and a student.”


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