SAE graduate announces new VR game at PAX Australia

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2 Nov 2016

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SAE graduate announces new VR game at PAX Australia

2 Nov 2016

For most people, finding their true passion in life is something that comes later in life after a journey of varied experiences and self discovery. For Joel van de Vorstenbosch this moment came much sooner when he found his passion in primary school.

The feeling that overcame the twelve-year-old was instantaneous when he first tried his hand at computer programming. It was not before too long that Joel decided he wanted pursue a career as a game programmer, and spent the majority of his free time over the next decade increasing his skill set by researching, learning, and programming games.

Joel's passion for programming has expanded to include a love for designing and developing games. Having graduated in 2015 from SAE Sydney with a Bachelor of Game Development, Joel was valedictorian with the highest GPA in Australia and is now the co-founder and lead programmer at Sydney-based game development start-up company ALTA.

The Township Tale by SAE Games graduate, ALTAThe Township Tale by SAE Games graduate, Joel van de Vorstenbosch of ALTA

“Over the course of my degree at SAE I worked on many projects which involved creating an extensive range of tools, from procedural generation and 2D map making tools to node based gameplay editors. These skills gave me the confidence that allowed me to start my own company ALTA, which has definitely been my career highlight,” said Joel.

It was through Joel’s first job at Quest's End Games, a role that had been offered to him by an SAE colleague working for the company, that he would meet the other two co-founders of ALTA and they would decide to launch their own start up.

ALTA is a game development company that specialises in virtual reality (VR). Their debut game, A Township Tale, is being showcased at the Melbourne International Gaming Week (MIGW) held all this week. A social, multiplayer game set in a fictional medieval town where players explore a fantasy world in virtual reality, A Township Tale’s tech demo is being showcased for the first time at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) Australia to the general public.

Attendees will have the chance to play a demo of the game and chat to Joel and the ALTA team on the main gaming floor of PAX at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Center.

The Township Tale by SAE Games graduate, ALTAThe Township Tale, a VR game by ALTA

SAE Institute, which delivers the Bachelor of Game Development at four campuses across Australia, has a long-standing relationship with and is a member of the gaming organisation GCAP.


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