SAE Australia ranked in top 25 Animation schools worldwide

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28 Apr 2014

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SAE Australia ranked in top 25 Animation schools worldwide

28 Apr 2014

Thinking of studying Animation in Australia or know someone who is?

According to the Animation Career Review (and us!), look no further than SAE Creative Media Institute Australia.

In their 2014 Top International Animation Schools review, SAE Australia has ranked in the top 25 Animation schools in the world. This throws us ahead of all other Animation educators in the country including private, public, university and college alike.

Not only have SAE Australia taken out the first quarter position, SAE International features heavily in the top 100. If you’re thinking about studying Animation abroad and launching your global career look no further.

Some honourable mentions of SAE International campuses ranked in the top 100 Animation schools worldwide are:

-SAE Paris
-SAE London
-SAE Jakarta
-SAE Zürich
-SAE Athens
-SAE Milano
-SAE Amsterdam
-SAE Bangalore
-SAE Berlin
-SAE Dubai
-SAE Capetown
-SAE Belgrade
-SAE Singapore
-SAE Vienna

With SAE taking out 15 of the 100 spots, you’d be bananas to be studying anywhere else.

Read more about our Animation courses here, and don’t forget to apply online.